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My Twin Sis!

I've checked on Jen, my twin sister/best friend's tumblr blog this week and I read something that caught my attention. She mentioned that since I found my Gyun-Wo she felt like she lost a BF. Haha! I know what she meant when she said that. I'm also worried that after we (Gyun-Wo and I) became officially a couple, I might do the same thing that I did before - focusing on my BF and forgetting about the other people around me including my twin sis (Jentot) and my sweet sis (Cesang). This time, as much as possible, I want to balance everything for everyone in my life. What I mean is, I don't want to make them feel ignored just because I now have a boyfriend. For over 3 years I can say that I've had great time living my life with myself, and my loved ones. Now that I'm in a relationship again, the list of people who makes me happy was increased because he is included on it. Anyway, I hope that somehow, my twin sis can feel that I'm still her BFF and I still love her so much.

I'm in a lazy mood the whole week so if you notice I've shared a lot of things on my blog! Hahaha!

Ghee with her 2 BFFs

I once blogged about my 2 BFFs last 2010 - Powerpuff Girls and I will share more about our friendship in this post but mainly about my closeness with Jentot.

I met her when we were first year college students in Angeles University Foundation, a University in Pampanga. She is my classmate and I started hanging out with her when I met Cesang. They were quite close when I met them. Cesang met Jentot, became close, then they met me, and our story began. Haha! I don't even know if what I'm writing makes sense or if my reader(s) can understand what I'm trying to say in this part. Haha! To make it short, I met them because we were in the same class, same section.

Ghee with Cesang

Since first year until now, we still manage to take care of our wonderful friendship. Cesang may not be with us because she's working abroad, we still keep in touch sometimes, thanks to WWW. Just to share something about Cesang, she's the Mommy of our group. She's makulit, madaldal, and the middleman when Jentot and I are having misunderstandings.

Jentot, hmm, what can I say about this girl.. She's crazy! Hahaha! She's the best friend that I've always wanted. (I love Cesang and Jentot but this blog post will be more about Jentot ^^v). She is someone that I consider a real sister. She speak what's on her mind. She likes buying kikay stuffs like me. She's a jolly person. She loves Rihanna's song 'We Found Love'! >.< Hmm.. what else.. why do I feel like I'm writing her a Friendster testimonial? Hahaha! Okay, now why is it so hard to write about my best friend... I'm currently organizing my thoughts that I'll share here.. :))

I also have best friends when I was a high school student. They love and treat me as their little sister. They have similarities with Cesang and Jentot. The difference is I can feel so much love and concern when I'm with Cesang and Jentot. Maybe it's because we've been best friends for more than 7 years. We didn't stop communicating though we've worked in different companies and we don't always see each other. Someone (my BFF in high school) broke up with me as her best friend when I had my first boyfriend. The other one.. hmm.. we lost contact with each other and we rarely see nor talk. But I still love them because we're still good friends. What I want to say in this part of this 'messy' blog entry is that, my friendship with CJ (Cesang + Jentot) is something that I'm really grateful.. its the friendship that will last forever.. and that's something I know is sure. It will be forever. Right sissies? :))

OMG, this entry is getting longer.. (Did I use the right  term?) and yet I still have so many things that I want to share. Anyway, back to Jentot. She's the perfect definition of a Best Friend. I can tell her anything. We share the same interests. We have the same family haha! Her Mom is like my Mom. Jentot is like my best friend, sister, colleague, adviser, coach, mother, grandmother (LOL!).. she's my soul mate. Hahaha! Some people always ask if we are twins because we look like each other. 

Ghee with Jentot

I don't know what else to say in this entry because I think I've already shared most of what I wanted to write on my previous entry about us. I wrote this especially for her to let her know that I'm still the same Ghee that she loves so much! Haha! I'm just happier now with Gyun-Wo but that doesn't mean she's forgotten or ignored. I love her so much. I will be forever grateful that I met her and she's my best friend until now. I will always be here for her no matter what happen. I love you my twin sis! I'm so thankful that you love me too despite my imperfections as your BFF. I love you sis! Mwah! :P

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