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Interesting article I found online. For those who likes online shopping, read this.

The OverPricing Facebook and Multiply Korean Apparel Resellers
Posted on May 5, 2010 by darlyn
Reading Laureen’s post about herBangkok Shopping Experience, I discovered that Korean Clothes are really affordable in Bangkok Mall compared to Korean clothes sold   in Multiply  and in Facebook here in the Philippines. Yes, ‘we’re being kind of ripped off by the Korean resellers’.
Try to imagine paying for Korean dress around P700 plus you need to shoulder the shipping fee (which around P120 if it ships to Mindanao) with a total cost around P800.  Plus  the quality of the dress not really worth your money.
Due to my curiosity, I search for different Korean dress wholesale online, and I’m glad they come in several selections and most of the Korean dresses are being sold around $4 to S7, which is around 200 – 300 in Philippine money.  To avoid being burden of paying the shipping, me and my friends decided to order together, which is a smart choice.  Within 2 weeks, we got the item and am glad to know we spent around 400 – 500 for each dress  (including the shipping fees and custom tax since we exceed $60) – a great saving than buying them around P800 from Facebook and Mutiply Korean resellers.

Aside from the big savings,you can get from buying dresses directly from wholesale store are, you have a peace of mind to do business  with reliable sellers.  Unlike buying it on Facebook and Multiply, you might end up wondering if they are bogus sellers and you don’t need to worry they might add your  pics in  their  bogus buyer album. (LOLS). Lastly, you don’t need  to wait too long for your orders to come.
Here are the list of Korean Wholesale Dress you can trust.
1. online store supply more than 30,000 clothing styles and update about 80 styles per day. So you have a lot of options from style, designs and colors. If you and your friends will order together you can divide the shipping per dress,  you’ll be happy to pay P100 per dress for shipping.
2. Most of their Korean dresses are being sold around $6 – $7 in Peso it costs around P300. And most of the Korean apparel resellers in Facebook and Multiply market these for around P900 to P1,000. So expensive. Plus, by bulk-orders  you can avail discount per dress.
3. Korean online seller is the Yocowholesale. For sure some of your tried to order cute Korean Pink, blue, and other color handbags. Well, how would you react if you discover they are being sold around $8 to $10 in Yoco? Buying handbag for around 400 or 600 is different from buying them for more than P1,000.
There are other Korean wholesale websites selling more than $10 per dress. But I’ve never found Pinoy seller with that products. And a lot more. Just ask Mr. Google for the long list okay? Be creative and resourceful,  so you won’t regret it in the end.
Perhaps, some Pinay resellers would blame me if they lose most of their customers of publishing this post. I fully understand that Business is a Business,  they need some profit minus the capital. But I think it’s too much. Sorry!  In today’s economic status, everyone wants an instant money and in contrary, no one would waste money for dress that in just few hours you lose some of its button. Unless you’re paying for it less than P500 you wouldn’t mind the quality. Maging Wais na Mamimili.

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