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Polaroid Camera!

I want to have a Polaroid Camera someday! I want to use it with my Gyun-Wo! Haha! I like watching We Got Married Korean TV Show and I find it cute when the virtual/fake married couple (Adam Couple) take pictures using their Polaroid Camera. I want to have instant pictures that we can also put in a Scrapbook. So aside from the camera, we need a scrapbook! Hahaha!

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Anonymous said...

hi ghee ,
I am a highschool girl,
unpurposely found your blog,
As I typed Polaroid camera in Google,
we have the same interest!
I am interested to own one of that kind of camera,

I would be so happy if u wnna share the info about it :)

Anonymous said...

same here... love this classic-vintage camera... hope i'll have one in the future...

Anonymous said...

where to get them ????? whats the highest quality ???

Anonymous said...

it's not worth-it to have a polaroid camera...they stop making film since 2008 and about fujifilm i have one the film is sooo expensive.:(

ghee said...

these comments were posted last year and its just now that i got a chance to read and reply. so sorry my dear. yeah, i want to have a polaroid camera but i think it's costly because of the films that you need to buy but the fact that you have your photos printed instantly is really great isn't it!

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