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1st Monday of February

Good Morning! It's Monday once again and I'm lazy once again. I had a great weekend but at the same time it's a tiring one. I still want to sleep and rest. I spent my Saturday with my Gyun-Wo. We watched Chronicle which is a very interesting movie. After watching it he told me he want to fly too just like the actors on it hahaha! He also stayed for 2 hrs in our house to watch a supposed to be SCARY film but there's no scene in that Thai movie that scared me. Then yesterday I'm planning to stay at home so I can relax since Monday will be the start of another busy, tiring, and stressful week at work. But we went to my Aunt's despedida party. As we got home, we were all TIRED and SLEEPY.

Anyway, today is Monday once again. It's the beginning of another working week. Time flies so fast that in few days I know I will meet my fave day which is Friday. Please come SOON Friday!!!! ^^

This month is the most awaited month for some couples especially for girls. It's the Love month! For 3 years it's not a big deal whether is February or what. I mean, I'm single. Love month is not only for lovers, right? 3 years ago I can see lovers that are so sweet with each other, couple walking/malling while the girl is holding a bouquet of flowers, stuffed toy, chocolates, valentine card, etc. And I was like, 'Oh.. her boyfriend is so sweet.' then I look at myself and I kinda felt envy with what I'm seeing (sweet lovers around me).

But this year I'm not alone anymore. I have my Gyun-Wo and it feels like it's the first time that I'm celebrating Valentine's Day. I'm not expecting much. I just want to be with him on that day. :)

I hope we will all have a great Valentine's Day. Spread the LOVE everyday! May we have a great week ahead. Aja! ^.~

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