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Bibimbob in SM Clark

Last Friday, February 17, Gyun-Wo and I had dinner in a newly opened Korean Restaurant named Bibimbob, also known as Mr. Kimbob ( We've ordered 1 Bibimbap, and Korean dumplings (6 pieces). We both like eating Korean food so we really went there to check if the food is affordable and if it's taste good. The result? We looooooove Bibimbap, and Mandoo (Korean dumplings) that we've ordered! The first time we went there, we saw that they serve some Korean food that we can order in other Korean Restaurants in Friendship. Then when we came back yesterday to have lunch with his family, I'm so surprised and happy to see their new menu! Hahaha! Here are the food that I like with their corresponding price in Philippine Peso.

Bibimbap: P150
Samgyupsal: P180
Kimbop (12pcs): P100
Dumplings (6pcs): P100
Tteokbboki: P100

Those were the 5 Korean food that I remember they serve at an affordable price! I love this restaurant. I've been wanting to eat in a Korean Restaurant in a mall. I'm so happy that they have BIBIMBOB in SM Clark! Hahaha! Here are the images I took using Gyun-Wo's phone while he's trying to remember what SMW means! Haha! ^^v

Bibimbob Restaurant

Menu (Not Updated)

The food we ordered!

Bibimbap and Korean Dumplings


Bibimbap (Mixed Veggies, Beef, and Rice)

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Anonymous said...

Earlier on today there was a live worm in my Bibimbap Mixed Veggies,beef and rice. Of course after my initial shock I complained to the staff asking them whether they wash there vegetables or not. This is something that I would expect from a local carinderia not an eatery at SM. To the managers of Bibimbob please be more vigilant with how food is cleaned, prepared and served. I for one will not be eating there in the near future.

Anonymous said...

there are also koreans, they ordered kimchi and they just smell it, and discuss it and I don't understand their conversation. They did not eat the kimchi. i don't know why!

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