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A day with his Family

What I will write on this entry is about my Sunday last weekend, February 19, 2012.

Days before yesterday, Gyun-Wo told me that I was invited to his Mom's birthday celebration. I told him that I'll go and spend the day with his family. He bought his Mom a bag that she can use at work or while malling. He also chose a birthday card with sweet greeting message on it. I asked him to write something for his Mom and not just give the card with a ready made message. :p

Here are the things we did yesterday. We attended the Sunday mass in Balibago Angeles City, and had lunch in Bibimbob Korean Restaurant in SM Clark. At first I don't know if they will like Korean food but as we started eating, I can see that they enjoyed the food, right Gyun-Wo? Haha! We've ordered 2 sets of Samgyupsal, Kimbop (12 pieces), 2 sets of Korean dumplings/Mandoo, and 3 Beef Bibimbap. When we're done eating, the waitress who served us shared some of the stories of her life. Hahaha! She's nice, and friendly. She even talked in Korean though I did not understand some of what she said. Haha! Then we went to Starbucks because Gyun-Wo's younger brother did not really enjoy the food we ordered in Bibimbob hehe. We stayed there for minutes, then we went to the mall's Hypermarket to help them buy Gummy Bears candies. If I remember it right, I think we went home at 1PM. I forgot the exact time when we left SM Clark, haha!

Anyway, that's how we celebrated his Mom's birthday. The next paragraph tells about my thoughts about this event and about his Family.

I feel accepted and very much welcome when I'm in their house and when I'm with his family. His Dad is a funny man like Papa. His Mom is a very nice and warm person. I love it when she smiles, especially when she laughs hehe. His sister is nice and funny as well. I think she's more independent than me. Sometimes she reminds me of my sister Ann. His younger brother is quiet hehe. 

I'm so quiet because I don't know what to tell them and I'm still shy hahaha! But I'm happy that I was able to be with them on Gyun-Wo's Mom's birthday. I'm also happy to know that she loves the card and the bag that we (Me, Gyun-Wo, and his siblings) gave her. I don't know what else to write in this entry. I'm just so happy. ^____^

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