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Fave Super Sentai Series

I want to have DVDs of Super Sentai Series so I watch them again! (MaskMan, JetMan, BioMan, FiveMan, MachineMan, MaskedRiderBlack) Related Post: SuperSentai

JAPAN 1984 
Choudensi Bioman [Super Electron Bioman] 
Episodes: 51 [02/04/1984 to 01/26/1985] 
One movie: Super Electron Bioman
Sixth Super Sentai. Centuries ago, the android Peebo and the Bio Robot came to earth from the fallen Bio Star. The Bio Robot showered five people with Bio Particles, which would be passed on to later generations. In the present time, Doctorman and his Shin Teikoku (New Empire) Gear threaten the world. Peebo must find the descendants of the original five to form the Chodenshi (Super Electron) Bioman.

Unique to this show is the fact that there are five recurrent monsters of the week. Whereas in other most other sentai, the monster would be killed or defeated and then enlarged or cloned, Bioman defeats one of the five underlings and then a Mechagigan is launched. Dr. Kageyama transformed himself into a Mecha Human, renamed himself Doctorman, and leading the New Empire Gear from his base of Neograd at the South Pole, plans to rule the world through his Mechahumans. The Biorobo awakes from five centuries of sleep to find the five descendants of humans who had been showered with Bioparticles 500 years ago. Under the direction of Peebo, who had accompanied the Biorobo to Earth, the five don Biosuits to become the Biomen. Early on, Doctorman invents the Biokiller Gun to kill Yellow Four. A new Yellow Four is recruited.

Doctorman's supercomputer Brain and his android Prince turn out to have human hearts which bring about their downfall. Prince is based on Man's son Shuuichi, who appears before the Bioman. The Big Three learn of Shuuichi's existence, realize that Man is a mere human, and revolt. They fail, and Doctor Man brainwashes and modifies them. The Biohunter Silva comes from space to hunt them down. The Biomen meet a mysterious scientist intending to build a conscience circuit, Dr. Shibata, who turns out to be both Red's father and a friend of Doctorman. In the end, the Biomen defeat Silva and his robot Balzion and enter the fortress Neograd itself.

JAPAN 1990 
Chikyu Sentai Fiveman [Earth Task Force Fiveman] 1990-91 
Episodes: 48 [03/02/1990 to 02/08/1991]

Twelth Super Sentai. Compare with Flashman. Dr. Hoshikawa was researching how to transform the planet Sedon into a green world. But during a Zone attack, he and his wife were separated from their five children. Arthur G6 raised the five to become the Fivemen, who returned to Earth to save it from the Zone. After succeeding in defeating the Zone, the Fivemen leave Earth to find their parents.

JAPAN 1991 
Chojin Sentai Jettoman (Birdman Task Force Jetman) 
Episodes: 50 [02/15/1991 - 02/14/1992] 
On a peace-guarding commander center known as the Earth Ship belonging to Sky Force, an international defense agency, scientists developed 'Birdonic Waves.' This waves were advanced technology that gave the subject superhuman abilities. Experiments for the J-Project were successful. Aya 'Chokan' Odagiri, the director of the project, chose five elite Skyforce officials from Earth to use this technology. Ryuu Tendou, one of the Skyforce officers, was recruited along with four others for the J-Project and was successfully exposed to the birdonic waves, making him the first Jetman. His fiancee Rie was chosen as well and was on the ship. However, the Earth Ship was suddenly attacked by the menacing force from another dimension Vyram. The Vyram conquered many worlds in the Back Dimension and they moved on to our dimension to conquer it. Rei fell threw a hole in the ship into space. The Vyram successfully destroyed the ship, and the remaining Birdonic waves, that were to go to the four other officials, were scattered on Earth and four civilians Ako, Kaori, Raita, and Gai received them. Odagiri and Tendou managed to escape the shp and began searching Japan for the four remaining Jetman waves in order to stop Vyram's mutiny. The one most reluctant was Gai and Ako thought of it as a wage-earning job. When Ryu discovered that his beloved Rie had become the Vyram officer Maria, it caused Gai's inner sense of justice to awaken and the conflict boiled between the two. A love triangle formed between Kaori, Gai and Ryuu, Kaori and Gai dated for a short term.

Near the end of the series, Radiguet, who was responsible for making Rei into Maria, implanted a parasite in Maria when she wanted to increase her power. It turned her into a vampiric creature. Grey, who was in love with Maria, went to the Jetman for help. Ryu got close enough to hold her tight and told her he would always love her. The parasite left her body because Rie inside loved him and Ryuu destroyed the parasite. She chose to go back to Radiguet when he appeared and she stabbed him in the back with Ryuu's sword. Radiguet spun around and slew her. Maria refused Ryuu because she felt she was a killer and couldn't go back to how things were. Grey appeared and transported her to the ocean where she died in his arms. Ryu went a bit mad after those events, and he took on Radiguet on his own. Radiguet wasn't too sane at this point himself, and when Radiguet was about to destroy Ryu, when Raita, Ako and Kaori arrived. Kaori took a shot meant for Ryu, forcing him off the field of battle to both tend her and receive a lecture on his responsibility to humanity and Earth weighing more than personal revenge. Rie's ghost came to make the point as well. Ryu, strung out and vulnerable to both women, did indeed pull himself together, and with his teammates and their mentor, together they destroyed Radiguet by aiming at the weak spot Maria inflicted, ending the Vyram threat. Three years later, Gai was buying flowers for Ryu and Kaori's wedding, he stopped a mugger and was stabbed apparently to death. Believing he was going to die, this time he did not hide from his friends, but made it to their wedding too late for the ceremony. He met Ryuu and wished him well, gave Kaori his blessings from a distance, as he was too weak to get up and smoked a bit of cigarette before dying.


 JAPAN 1987 
Hikari Sentai Maskman [Light Task Force Maskman] 
Episodes: 50 [02/28/1987 to 02/20/1988] 
One Movie: Light Task Force Maskman

A group of martial artists who use their 'Aura Power' under Commander Sugata's direction to defeat a villain force named the Tube. The first series to have an additonal warrior (X1 Mask, the green prototype Maskman). Tube sent Princess 
Ial as 'Mio' to spy on the surface world. Mio became Takeru's girlfriend. Tube kidnapped Mio back, sentencing her to imprisonment in ice for loving a human. Driven to find Ial/Mio, Takeru became Red Mask of the Maskmen.

The Creation King was the one who ruled the entire universe and every fifty thousand years, his life would come to an end. Before that happens, a new Creation King must be chosen and the Gorgom, a dark and evil organization, is the one to decide so. Nineteen years ago, Minami Kotaro and Akizuki Nobuhiko were born on a day of a solar eclipse. Three years later, Kotaro's parents were murdered by the Gorgom. The Akizuki family took Kotaro in and treated him like their own family member. Kotaro and Nobuhiko grew up together like brothers. On their 19th birthday, Gorgom abducted them both. They were transformed into cyborgs and erase their memories for Gorgom to choose a new Creation King between them. The present Creation King gave Gorgom two magical Kingstones. After the operation, both young men were officially called 'Century Kings.' The main deal was to make both Century Kings fight each other and the winner become the new Creation King.

Professor Akizuki, Nobuhiko's father, who also happened to be one of Gorgom's scientists, didn't want Gorgom to erase away his children's memories of him. Professor Akizuki interfered in the operation, giving the perfect opportunity for both Kotaro and Nobuhiko to escape. Kotaro managed to escape but not Nobuhiko, who got electrocuted during the interruption of the operation. A Kingstone had already been fitted into Kotaro's body. The evil Gorgom tried to get back the Kingstone from Minami Kotaro. Our hero soon realized that the Kingstone in his body had special and unique powers. Abandoning the name Black Sun, a term which was given by Gorgom for his cyborg form, Kotaro called himself Kamen Rider Black, Kotaro made full use of the Kingstone's powers to transform himself into Kamen Rider Black. With that power, he battled Gorgom and its monsters and hoped to rescue his brother, Nobuhiko one day.

Travelling in the ship Space Colony, Nick, with the help of tiny robot called Ball Boy (which looks exactly like a baseball) comes to Earth to spend a week studying the behaviour of human beings for his doctorate. Under the human name of Ken Takase, he saves a photographer, Maki Hayama, from an accident, and ends up developing a relationship with her throughout the series. Maki was taking photographs for a report on a building which had been mysteriously demolished. Later, she and Ken find out those responsible: the Tentacle Organization, a gang led by the unscrupulous Professor K, a man who hates children and just wants to get rid of them all, not caring about World domination. Due to this, Nick decides to extend his stay on Earth and use his advanced technology and superior powers to protect his beloved Maki, as well as the children of Earth, under the guise of Machineman. His main weapon, apparently an ordinary sword, is actually a powerful weapon that, when energized, is able to wipe out the deadliest of Professor K's cyborgs. Aside from the sword and its transparent layer, Machineman counts also on the quick Dolphin car that could be changed into a species of spurt. Some episodes later, Machineman succeeds in dismantling Tentacle; however, after that, Professor K flees to Spain and his niece, Lady M, appears. With her aide TonChinkan, they establish a new gang, called "The Octopus". Like her uncle, she too has an allergic reaction to children - so much so that, whenever she is next to one, her nose goes red. In the beginning, she calls up various thieves and legendary criminals from around the world, but later robotic drones are assembled to combat Machineman. By the end of the series, the missing Professor K returns, bringing with him the biggest threat the hero had ever faced: Golden Monsu, a fortified version of Tetsujin Monsu.

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