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Movie Marathon with MJ

Hello there! It's Monday once again! How's your weekend? :)

If you're gonna ask the same question to me, I will answer it with one word...GREAT! I had a GREAT weekend! Haha! Let me tell you why... :p

SATURDAY February 18, 2012
I spent half of my day at home sleeping, eating, and browsing using Reene (my netbook). The other half was spent in Gyun-Wo's house. We stayed there and watched 3 movies - The Human Centipede II (Full Sequence), REC (Spanish movie about Infection, Zombies, etc), and 40 Year Old Virgin. I had fun watching movies and spending time with him, and Shiro (their cute dog that I really love because he's 'malambing' and he's not 'maingay' which makes him look less scary. I'm scared of dogs but he's different! I like him! Hahaha! I also had dinner in their house. :) 

What else can I say? Hmm.. okay, what I think about the movies we've watched.. 

The Human Centipede II is not a good movie! There are movie scenes that are too gross that I can't even watch! I don't want to mention them here so you can try to watch the movie and see what I'm talking about. I didn't even know the name of the lead character who is so obsessed with The Human Centipede I (First Sequence) movie. I thought I'm strong enough to watch everything in that movie but I was wrong! I can't watch some of the scenes that are just so UNWATCHABLE! (I don't know if there's such a word but that is what I can use to describe them).

REC is a Spanish movie about a television reporter, √Āngela Vidal, and her cameraman, Pablo (whose face never showed on camera), who are covering the night shift in one of Barcelona's local fire stations for the fictional documentary television series While You're Asleep. (thanks Wiki for this information). It's a story about an infection that makes the victim look and act like zombies. I don't understand the film because I spent most of my time looking at Gyun-Wo's baby pictures. Yes, I'm not that interested to watch REC! Hahaha! ^^v It's a good movie but not scary. -_-

Then the last movie we've watched is The 40 Year Old Virgin. We (Gyun-Wo and I) laughed a lot while watching it! Hahaha! There are so many funny scenes! I love the movie, that's all I can say! Hahaha! I still laugh whenever I remember those scenes that are really FUNNY!

After watching 3 movies, I checked on my Facebook while he prepared our dinner. Prepared which does not mean he cooked because he don't know how to cook! Haha! We had dinner in their Living Room while watching Manny Pacquiao's TV Show. :))

I asked him to bring me home by 7:30 PM. We're with his younger sister, younger brother, and 2 cousins on our way back home. Then I continued watching movies at home, hahaha! I watched The Invention of Lying while texting Gyun-Wo. I like the movie. Funny. Weird. Cute. Sometimes I wish I visit that world! Haha!

We slept at 10 PM because we need to wake up early the next day because it's his Mom's birthday and I'm invited to join them in celebrating her birthday. More about this on my next post... :p

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