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My Ex-Crush

Annyeong! (that means 'Hello' in Korean) I don't know what else to do with Reene so I decided to blog about my ex-crush. Let me tell you things that I remember while I'm secretly admiring him. :)

I don't remember the exact month and date when I started liking my ex-crush, I just know the was year 2010. I'm enjoying life being Single that time when I realized that he caught my attention without him knowing about it. I don't even know how it started! I just found myself admiring him. I sometimes look at him while he's walking in and out of our room in FAST (initials of the company where we're both working). I'm glad that he don't notice the simple things I do (looking at him while he's busy doing something else). I feel that I don't exist in his world! Haha! I don't know why but I continued to like him for such a long time. At first I'm not serious with what I feel for him because I always tell myself that it's just ADMIRATION and I will make him my INSPIRATION to motivate myself to be EXCITED to get up every morning in order to work. I also tried not to look obvious so nobody will notice. I was the only one who knew about it. :p

My best friend told me that he's already taken, but there's this news that he's Single so I got confused. Despite the confusion I continued liking him. Then one day when he's on Vacation Leave, one of my colleague mentioned that he might try to win his ex-gf's heart again. When I heard that I was worried with how I felt. I felt sad and I cried that night when I remember what she (my colleague) said. I decided to stop whatever I have for him. I was afraid that it will just be a one sided-love though I'm not sure if I'm in love with him that time. :p

May 23, 2011 is the date when we started being quite close with each other. As I mentioned in my previous blog post about him, I was asked to send an important document to our client in US but because of our crazy and slow internet connection in the office I can't do it. He stayed to help me in case our boss requires me to finish my task that day. We were the only two people left in the office that time. Then after few minutes of discussion with our boss via Yahoo messenger, we agreed to send it at home since I have a computer and internet connection there. On our way to jeep terminal, I was waiting for him to get my number so I can contact him in case I can't send the file, but he just said that he don't memorize his number! Haha! I just told him that I'll ask his cousin or our colleague to send me his number if I will need his help again. While we're on the jeep, we didn't talked to each other. Haha! -_-

Sometimes I have FREE prepaid load/UNLITXT given by Globe and there's this one time that I texted my colleagues just so I can text him. I sent a quote and I got a replied from him asking who I was! He said he's doing something on his phone so he unintentionally deleted his contacts. I replied and I said it was me. Then he apologized and said his reasons. We started being close by texting. There's also an outing planned for couples and he became my partner because we're the only Single in the group.

We became close friends. Then we started dating. Until I realized that I love him but I can't tell him because I'm waiting for him to tell me first what he feels for me! Haha!

What else do I need to mention about him? Hmm.. Why did I like him that much? Because he didn't noticed me, and he seems to be so smart and mysterious. Did I like anyone else aside from him? Yes. In my almost 4 years of life being Single I had crushes but he's the only one who really confused me. He's not the type of guy who will always say what he feels for you. He's different, maybe that's why I like him so much. Who is he and why is he my ex-crush? Ex-crush? Hmm.. because I don't just like him now, I love him so much na! Haha! He's my ex-crush because he's my boyfriend na! Gets na?! Biglang may Tagalog! Hahaha! Kinikilig pa rin ako pag nagre-reminisce and kapag binabasa ko yung emails nya na NOBELA! ❤ ❤ ❤ 

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