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Okay. I know that I've already posted a blog entry for today but I still want to write what's on my mind right now. I've wanted to write about this one long time ago but I'm sometimes busy and there are times that I'm lazy that's why I'm writing it today.

Have you ever been in a situation where you always feel stressed? tired? confused? pissed? You want to do something about it but you're just so confused that all you do is Think? You're always thinkig, and planning on the possible things to solve it and yet you're confused. You don't know if you're gonna say and do the right things, if you can defend your statement if it will be questioned, if what you think is the right solution, if it will help you improve whatever you're doing. Have you ever felt that you need a change? You want to try something new, but you're so afraid that you can't do it. You want to get out of your comfort zone but you're not sure if you're ready to do it. Do you understand what I just wrote? Hahaha!

Lately I've been stressed thinking about my Career life. I know for sure that I'm doing a good job but I can't feel it. It's like I'm putting a lot of effort and yet it's not enough. I think there are some things that needs to be changed, but it's never gonna be that easy. If only I can really share everything on my blog, I will write every details about this. This thing that's been confusing and stressing me this past few days. Actually I started feeling this since last year, but I tried to think positive so it won't affect me, so it won't stressed me, but it still does. I wanted to talk about this to those people that should know about it, but I don't know if I'm ready to support whatever I'm going to share. It's not easy. 

Sometimes, I just want to take a loooooong break! I think I need a vacation so I can relax. I want to go in a place where I can just relax.. I'm so grateful that despite with the emotional feelings that are unhealthy for someone, I still don't get sick and I'm healthy. Thanks to my Mom who keeps on cooking healthy and delicious food for us. Thanks to my family who is my no. 1 inspiration why I work. Thanks to my friends and my Gyun-Wo who makes me happy. Most especially, thanks to God for everything. I know that He knows what I feel even if I don't talk to Him that much. 

I guess I'm just so tired and I don't really like what's happening about some things. I can't write the details for someday someone might be able to read this and they might misunderstood whatever I'm going to write in this entry. 

Anyway, I'm still thinking on how will I write an email that will explain my thoughts so the concerned parties will be informed. They have the right to know. I have the right to let them know. It's just starting to be really tiring and one day I might get tired and quit. As for now, I'm still thinking. I need to think about it. Yeah, I have a habit of 'thinking too much', but its better this way. While I haven't figure out how to solve this, or if it will be solve after sharing it to those people, all I can do for now is to 'SIGH' and hope for the best once I shared it to them. :)

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