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Stuffs for Kikay Ghee!

I've been a Kikay girl since I was born. I love girly stuffs and other things that defines being a "kikay".

Lately I've been wanting to take care of myself more, though I already have someone who loves me no matter how ugly I can be. Haha! I still want to look better not only for him but also for myself. I want to feel good about it. Physically I have my imperfections that irritates me sometimes but I'm used to it. Anyway, in this entry I will share the stuffs that I bought and those that I got for free! So, let's start!

Strip It - Sugaring Kit

I bought this Sugaring Kit last year. I hated shaving and plucking so I wanted to try waxing. I've been planning to order this set but I did a lot of research first to make sure it's safe to use. My skin can be so sensitive sometimes so I can't just use anything on it. Well, the sugaring kit includes an organic soap, deodorant, oil, medium tub of wax, cloth, spatula, and a paper with directions on how to properly wax. It doesn't require heating that's why I really love this. For more information about Strip It! check their multiply website I've been waxing for months and I love it. Thanks to my Mom and my sister who patiently help me when I'm waxing. Haha! 

Cyleina Black Pearl Soap
Then I also started reading about whitening organic soaps that are effective and again SAFE to use for sensitive skin. I found this soap that claims to effectively whiten skin in few days/weeks of using it. I read a lot of positive feedback about the product so I searched stores near our place that sells Cyleina Black Pearl Soap. In a forum it was mentioned that this soap can be bought in Watsons. When my Gyun-Wo and I went to SM Clark I asked him to help me find something in Watsons. Luckily there are really soaps there! I bought two soaps which are so small. Haha! I let Gyun-Wo tried it so I gave him one. We both like using it. I will definitely continue to buy and use CBP soap! :)

Ever Bilena Freebies
Last December I read a tweet about Grace Lee (a female TV Host) on Twitter. She said that Ms. Khristine Gabriel will give Ever Bilena freebies to her new 100 Twitter followers. After I read that tweet I checked on @KhristineG's profile and clicked on Follow button! Haha! Then last December 24 I saw that I was mentioned to one of her tweets. I'm one of the new 100 followers that will be given Ever B freebies! I sent my personal information as requested and she replied to inform me that my freebies will be delivered by January. I waited for a month and I got my Ever B stuffs last week. It includes a careline pressed powder, different colors of eye shadow, a pink lipstick which I love, and a perfume! I just love what I got and I'm still following her. :)
Strip It - UA Whitening Set
I want to whiten my underarms so I ordered a UA Whitening Set from Strip It! At first they delivered me 2 small tub of sugaring kits which is quite disappointing. I texted them that what was delivered to me is not what I ordered. They settled it ASAP so after few days of waiting, the right package was delivered. I then returned the wrong stuffs to the person mentioned from their text. I haven't used the products. I have to wax my UA first. Haha! I don't like having chicken skin and a not so white UA that's why I ordered sugaring kit and UA Whitening set from Strip It! I hope it will effectively work on me. Aja!

PINK VS Perfume
Well, yesterday, my uncle brought Victoria Secret lotions, and perfumes that my Aunt sells. He told me to check them out and see if I have something that I like. The first time I smelled this VS Pink perfume it really caught my attention and I wanted to have it right away. It smelled strawberry vanilla! I love it! I texted my Aunt to ask how much is it. She told me that it's Php500 but she's giving it to me for Php300! I was really glad so I bought it! Hahaha!

So that's it. Those were the items that I bought and some that I got for Free! Stuffs that I need. Stuffs that proves how Kikay I can be sometimes! Haha! 

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