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Valentine's Day 2012

Oooookay, so it's February and it's the Love Month! How's your Valentine's Day? Did you spend it with your family? friends? or with your special someone? Who am I asking anyway? Haha! Yes, I'm asking whoever is reading this post right now. 

February 14, 2012 - Tuesday. I spent 9 hours (8am-5pm) in the office. It's been a busy day at work because I updated the three User Manual documents of NS Project. I wasn't able to tweet much because I'm focus on getting my tasks done for the day. If I remember it right, I was able to finish my tasks by 4:30 PM. We left the office by 5PM and went to Marquee Mall with Gyun-Wo. He said he will just get something for her sister. I stayed in the car, played Temple Run, and saved drawings on his iPod while I'm waiting for him. While waiting, I'm expecting that he got something for me! Haha! He said we will just have a dinner on Valentine's Day so I thought he won't give me flowers. But I'm so happy when he got back with a bouquet of 12 red roses in his hand. Hahaha! He told me that he reserved for a bouquet of Star Gazer flowers but it was lost so they just made an arrangement of roses. I like how it was arranged and the red roses. I love them. :)
Then we went to Hyun Jeong Korean Restaurant. We've been there twice before and last night was our third time to eat there. It's quite expensive but we loooooove the food. We ordered Daeji Galbi (Grilled Pork with Lettuce) and Dolsot Bibimbap (Mixed Rice and Vegetables). There are free side dishes included and a cinnamon tea as well. We both liked what we ordered. While waiting for the food and while eating we're taking pictures that I uploaded on my FB and I will soon include in this blog post Haha!

After the delicious dinner in Hyun Jeong, we went to a Korean grocery to look for chocolates that he can give to his Mom and sister. The grocery we wanted to check is far from where the car was parked so we just decided to go to the one near HJ resto. He bought 2 box of Peppero, chocolate coated pretzels (Korean snacks). Then we head off to SM Clark. He bought chocolates for his Mom, his sister, and for my Mom! While we're on the cashier section, we wanted to leave as soon as we can because there is a Fireworks display outside the mall. We couldn't leave because the girl who took care of his payment via Credit Card went somewhere we don't know to validate or what the card etc. I don't know how to explain! When the payment is done, we went out to watch the fireworks display. I can't run because of the sandals I'm wearing that night. Then 10 seconds after we arrived, the FD ended. Hah!

When I got home I started taking pictures with my lovely bouquet of 12 Red Roses! Haha! I had a great Valentine's date with my Gyun-Wo. The way we spent that day is just so simple for others, but for me it's so special and unforgettable. Btw, while we're on our way to Marquee Mall I'm really wondering if he really did not buy flower(s) for me! Hahaha! I love the fact that it's his first time to give flowers to someone and that someone is ME! 
I also made something for him using some petals of the red roses he gave me, hahaha! 

It's our first Valentine's Day, and there's only one word that describes how I feel yesterday...LOVED. I feel loved. I feel that I'm so much loved by someone that I really really looooooove! Thank you so much Gyun-Wo! MJ, I want to tell you something! 'Each day with you becomes a Valentine...' hahaha! LYM! 

To know more about Hyun Jeong Restaurant, check this link

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