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'The Vow' Movie

Good Morning! It's Monday once again! :/ It's a rainy morning, thanks to that jeepney that made us (my sister and I) wet because of not having a plastic cover on its window! The traffic in Mabalacat - Clark Main Gate is the reason why I'm late. Oh well, in short its not a very good morning for me. Anyway, I just plugged in my earphones and started listening to Korean music to set me in a good mood. I'm working while tweeting and blogging. How's that?! Haha! Ok, enough of blabbing things that are not related to what I'm gonna write today. :p

Last week I've been so excited to watch a movie of Rachel McAdams and Channing Tatum. Yup, it's 'The Vow' movie. If you'll notice I posted trailers in this blog for that movie. Last Friday, February 10, I was able to watch it with Gyun-Wo. Now here's my review about it.

It started when the couple had a car accident that caused Paige's (Rachel McAdams) memory loss. She forgot the last 5 years of her life which includes her life with her husband, Leo (Channing Tatum). I won't tell the whole story in this entry because I'm not a good story teller. Haha! Well, what more can I say about it, umm.. the movie reminded me of '50 First Dates'. The guy did a lot of things that will make her girl remember what she forgot especially about their relationship. I almost cried while watching  'The Vow'. It's not easy for someone to be in Leo's situation especially if you've been happily married and after the accident your wife sees you as a Stranger. She even remember about her past love, ex-fiance, which makes it more difficult to stand by her side. I'm so serious watching it. Then Gyun-Wo told me that the movie is about to end. I thought he was kidding and when the screen goes black, I was like 'Seriously?!' Haha! I'm expecting that Paige will regain her memory and that there will be other scenes showing her recovery, but I was wrong! Haha!

The movie is also based on true events. I love the movie. I love the actors. I love how it ended, though it really made me sad to know that she wasn't able to regain her lost memory. Hmm what else, it made me think, what if.. what if I'm in her situation. What if one day I woke up with a memory loss. Sometimes I have that idea on mind especially I can be so forgetful sometimes. Good thing I have my online diary (my blog) and my human diary (Gyun-Wo) that will remind me of some things I might forget. But I hope I won't be in her situation. It's very difficult especially for the people around her that loves her, but she can't even recognize them. 

A great movie. I love it. I'm glad Gyun-Wo also liked the movie. Two thumbs up for 'The Vow'. :)

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