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I want a Chihuahua puppy!

I've never had a pet dog in my 24 years of existence here on Earth! Haha! Why? Hmm, I'm scared of dogs! I don't know but since I've watched a documentary video way back in High School about the people who got bitten and how rabies affected them, I got paranoid when I see dogs or whenever they're near me. It's like they will bite me anytime. I'm just so scared. Haha!

I remember blogging about how I wanted to have a Maltese puppy. But I want to have another breed of dog now. I don't like Maltese anymore. Haha! I want to have a Chihuahua puppy! I used to laugh at their appearance..their big eyes, big ears, 'malnourished' body, etc. But lately I find myself searching images of Chihuahua dogs and I want to have one someday! 

I want to have a Chihuahua puppy. I prefer white colored puppy, but as long as its not black or dark brown, it's okay. Which is better? To have a male Chihuahua dog or a female? I also want to dress her and take pictures with her! Hahaha! I wonder what it's like to have one. Anyway, here are the photos I saw while searching on Google:

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