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IMY Mckenzie!!!

Mckenzie is gone...gone too soon. I tried to ignore it. I tried not to think so much about him. I tried to convince myself that it's okay, I'm used to it, he's gone..but I can't pretend to be Okay with that. Last night I reminisce the moments we had together, the way he plays, the way he make us happy, the way he make me laugh because of his funny and cute sleeping positions and facial expressions, the way he make me run after him when he's going outside our house to play with other cats, the way he sleeps on top of our clothes, etc. OMG, while I'm writing about him I want to cry. I miss him so much. I'm such a crybaby! Huhu T.T If you will see how I look right now, you might be wondering why I have teary eyes. I really want to cry every time I remember our memories with him. I miss him so much... sooo much!

We had 3 cats that were gone because we believe that the cat-meat-eaters killed, cooked, and ate them! I think they always check on our pets and when the cat is big enough, they will get it while our innocent cat is playing somewhere outside our house. I hate those kind of people! I hope they can get a disease from eating cat meat! I really don't understand why they steal, kill, and eat cats! Are they that poor that they don't have anything to eat?! I mean c'mon people, cats are living things! They have feelings! They get hurt! They love us (their owners)! They make us happy! And just because of your selfishness you're going to eat them?! 

Imagine yourself being so attached to your pets. You've been with them since they were born. You're always happy because of them. You're with them everyday. You don't want anyone or anything to hurt them. When they're sick you do your best to make them feel better. You take care of them as if they are part of the family. You see how happy your family members are because of your pets. Then suddenly they were gone. They didn't came back for days. What would you think? They can't be lost if they know how to go back to your house. What would you feel if they never came back? :c

I don't want to write anymore because I'm really about to cry again haha! I love him like a brother. I miss him so much! Do you know that he's a very nice cat next to our baby Kacey? Mcky doesn't meow a lot. He's so quiet. He's malikot. He's choosy when it comes to his food. He's malambing. He's mabait. He's batugan. He's funny. He's matakaw. He meow a lot only when he wants to go out of our house and we don't want to let him go. He's the first one we want to see as we arrive home from work. He's our baby. But now....he's gone..gone too soon. We miss him so much! I need to do something so I won't remember him that much. Remembering him makes me sad and it makes me want to cry. :c Here are some of his photos:

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