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The Moody Girlfriend

Hah! Yes, the title says it all! This post is about me being MOODY! I don't know why do I have such a bad habit of being in a bad mood because of simple things. It's like I'm so sensitive sometimes. I don't know how to properly explain it. I'm trying to control my mood when it feels like I'm gonna be grumpy/sensitive or 'masungit' because of what I read or think or feel. The good thing about it is that it can easily fade away? OMG, what word can I use to describe it? Haha! I don't get mad for long especially with Gyun-Wo. 

I wrote this because I've been masungit to him yesterday. Haha! Most of the times it's not his fault. It's just that I can't control my thoughts and emotions. It's like he said something and I misunderstood it and I started being sensitive with whatever he's saying and then little by little the grumpiness level arises until such time that I can't no longer control nor stop being 'Masungit'. I think sometimes he doesn't like it, and I understand haha! So do I! I don't like being like this and I'm trying to really control not to be so sensitive or masungit because of simple misunderstandings. 

What he can do when I'm in a bad mood? Let me be 'masungit' for awhile. Hmm, what else, he knows it already. Haha! I can't stay mad at him. I don't want to make a big deal out of it. I'm so thankful he's very understanding and patient. I'm trying not to be 'the moody girlfriend', but I just hope he understands that sometimes I'm really like that...moody... -__-

I think it's normal for some girls to be Moody. If you have a moody girlfriend like me, just be patient, don't make her feel that you're pissed because that will just make things worse, be understanding, lambingin kahit nagsusungit, and buy her stuffs that will make her smile, as for me, anything esp. Food is Okay! Haha! :p

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