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The 5 Big Benefits of Being in a Relationship
by Heather White

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Reason#1 You become a better person because you truly want to. That's right. They say not to let people change you, but this is inevitable. Losing the not-so-great traits (and trust me, we all have them!) is good for you in the long run. So let being with this amazing creature you call your other half shape you. Be open to the occasional constructive criticism; it's not about control, it's cause and effect really.

Reason#2 Those annoying arguments give you more to appreciate. Yes, you hate arguments. We all do. But having them and then making up isn't bad at all. It's normal to have the occasional fight, or in stressful times, maybe even a lot of them. It's all about going thru that ugly part together and seeing the good in one another when you come to the end of your disagreement. Those low moments can make you really realize how much you love your partner. I've heard before that make up sex is the best, but I'll let you 'make up' your own mind on that one.

Reason#3 It's healing to have him or her in your life. This one follows behind number two pretty closely. Everyone goes through rough spots in their life. When you have work troubles, family feuds, sick weekends, loss of a loved one or just a phase of depression- having the one who loves you to hold and reassure you does more than you may think. Yes, you could get a hug from a friend or even family member. But there is something different when it is the man or woman you adore. They know you well, they have seen you at your best and your ugliest. They think you're attractive no matter what, don't judge you and understand who you are as a person and want to support you. Touch is very healing. Having that familiar person to brush the hair from your face, hug you or just hold your hand is irreplaceable.

Reason #4 It feels good to give. Yes receiving love is wonderful, but giving it is a euphoric feeling. We all have the need to be needed. It fulfills our core which was created to do many things, but the biggest is love. I think its even deeper than the fulfillment of success.

Reason #5 You learn to love yourself more. When you have someone who adores you, even during those 'ugly' moments, it helps you to have even more confidence. Having that gives you a happy and upbeat feeling. Happiness=good health!


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