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Fun Saturday!

Hello there! It's Monday once again...and I have one word to describe my day today...BUSY. Oh well, I always have a BUSY Monday so I'm soooo used to it haha! Anyway, I'm about to start working on Reports but I decided to share something on my blog to keep it updated hehe. :p

This post is about my weekend...Here's what I did last Saturday....

Saturday, April 14, 2012 - I spent half of my day with my Mama. We went to SM Clark because I need to buy new jeans/pants. I'm the type of person that won't really buy something unless I really need it. Well hmm sometimes when I saw something and I really like it, even if I don't need it, if I have extra cash on hand, I'll definitely buy it. But sometimes I'm still thinking if it is wise to buy it or if I need to think about it first. Haha! I'm trying to be a better and wiser 'shopper' here. Anyway, so we went to the mall near our place because there is a 3-day sale on selected items. I bought 2 jeans/pants and 1 cute blouse! I'm happy with what I bought but not with how much money I spent for them! Haha! But it's okay, I bought what I really need so I don't need to feel sad about the cost, right? But I'm a little sad, they should have offered 50% discount on those jeans! They're soooooo pricey! I hope the quality is good. I have a pants/jeans that I bought years ago, I think I'm still a college student when I bought it, and it's one of my favorites because until now it fits soooo good at me. I mean the quality is sooo great! I'm so glad I have it. I still wear it until now. :) (RRJ Brand)

After shopping we went to Joahe Darang, a stall that serves Korea Food. My cousin is there and he was the one who took care of our food order. I ordered Kimbap (6pcs for P60), Patbingsu (Regular P50, with ice cream P70, and a bottle of Mineral Water. Mama doesn't like the taste of Kimbap so I ate 4 of them and I enjoyed their Halo-Halo too! The flavor of the ice cream added on the Patbingsu is Strawberry but I didn't mind. It's okay. It tasted good. (I don't like any food that is Strawberry flavored, especially Ice Cream or Biscuits/Crackers!)

Then we visited my grandmother in Manibaug. It's her birthday yesterday April 15 and they had a Swimming party celebration. We weren't able to attend because my sister attended the Baptism of our baby cousin in Capas Tarlac.

After staying in Manibaug for hours, we went home. I can say that it's a great day because I had fun shopping/malling with my Mama and staying in Manibaug with Papa. 

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