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Tomato's Swimsuits!

Summer is here! I believe most of you are planning for that beach outing where you can wear sexy outfits especially for girls. Last week my BFF Jen sent me the link of Tomato's FB Photo Album. Upon clicking on the link, I saw different styles of swimwear that they sell! I checked on the price and I was so happy that they sell each set for P600?!!! I want to buy a swimwear one of these days. I can't wear it for now since I need to work on my body figure first! Haha! I don't know when will I start exercising but I'm hoping that soon I'll be able to fight my laziness to wake up so early to jog or perform simple exercises.

Here are the photos that caught my attention while checking their FB page last week!

Source URL for Photos included in this post: TOMATO

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