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Q&A: Bad Girl...

Q: Why 'Bad Girl'?
A: Because that best describes me. Haha!

Q: Why?
A: I just know that I am. 
As a friend, I promised someone that I won't ignore her once I get in a relationship again, but then, I wasn't able to do what I promised. I end up doing the opposite. Months ago I was too happy that I'm in a relationship again with a guy that I used to like and admire secretly, I'm so inlove, I always want to be with him, and unknowingly I unintentionally ignored someone. I did not do it on purpose. Stupid me. I always do that to her. I promised not to do it again but here I am...-_-

I'm always the one who does not express what she feels. Haha! I remember the day when I was interviewed in this company, she went to the conference room, hugged me, and wished me good luck. She will sometimes kiss me on the cheek and hug me when she miss me. She's such a sweet friend...and I'm not. Haha!

As a sister/daughter, I did the same thing. I focused too much on my love life. I sometimes forget to spend time with them. But that changed. I've been staying in our house, spending time with them, malling, etc. 

Q: Do you miss them?
A: Of course I do. I just want to let them know that I love them so much! My family and friends, they've been with me thru thick and thin. Haha! They saw me smile and laugh whenever I'm happy. They saw how EMO I can be, they saw how much I cried when I was so sad. They've been with me since day 1 and even if most of the times I do some stupid things that hurt them, they still love me. They're still there for me. They don't leave me. They don't give up. They forgive me. And for that, I'm so grateful. I hope somehow I also do the same for them.

Q: Why are you writing about this?
A: Because I don't know how to tell them in person. Hehe! I'm shy. 

Q: What else do you want to say?
A: Hmm, I love them more than they ever know. I love them though I can't show. I love them and I'm so thankful to have them in my life. 

Q: What else?
A: I'll miss them! Haha! I will soon leave for a trip abroad and I will stay for a month in a place far from them. I will not be able to be with them everday or talk to them. I will definitely miss them. I just don't want to think about it because it will just make me cry haha! Ah, for my BFF, I'm sorry for not being a very good friend lately, at first I didn't noticed that I ignored or forgot about being with you because I always want to be with him, then I realized that it might be a good thing to continue doing that so you won't miss me that much when I leave the company, but I was wrong. I'm happy that you have close friends here, but I know that we will both continue to miss each other no matter how hard I try not to miss you so much. Hehe. 

Q: That's it?
A: Yes. Haha! I'm really crazy! It's like I'm talking to myself. Hahaha! I have to work! This bad IC is really not good for us! How can we continuously work if it's like this?! -_-

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