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The Green-Eyed Monster
When you are dating someone, one of the biggest red flags that can tell you or anyone around you point blank if your relationship is not healthy is a partner’s irrational jealousy.  Jealousy is an unattractive personality trait and it can also be detrimental to even the most promising of relationships. (There’s a reason why it’s called “the green-eyed monster.”)

If you get jealous easily and are scared your partner is doing something wrong, it’s really just a self-fulfilling prophecy because you will eventually push them to leave you.

It’s perfectly human to be jealous from time to time, but if you need to tame your green-eyed monster, here are some ways to eradicate envious feelings from destroying your relationship:

Lay Off The Jack
One thing that feeds your green-eyed monster is alcohol consumption.  So if you find yourself running into your partner’s many exes, a good-looking and talkative bartender or an overly attractive co-worker of your significant other’s, it’s best to stay away from the hard liquor because liquid courage also has an ugly face.

Step Back and Give Yourself Some Perspective
When you’re feeling red with fury from being green with envy, it’s best to look at the situation like you’re an outsider.  Is your partner actually acting out or are you looking for trouble when there is none?  If you need a breather, then excuse yourself without looking a jealous partner and just breathe.

Fake it!
If you realize that most of your jealous feelings stems from your own personal insecurities, then sometimes you just have to fake it until you can gain the self-confidence you need to realize your partner is loyal. However, this should only be a temporary means to eradicating irrational jealousy in your life.

Seek help
If you realize that all of your breakups have ended because of your jealousy, then maybe you’re dealing with something far deeper than you thought.  If that’s the case, you should look into seeking counseling or therapy or you most likely will keep making the same free dating mistakes over and over again.

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