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My blog's worth...

Hey there! I'm in a good mood today! Haha! I wanted to check my blog but I accidentally typed its url in google. Then I clicked on this link and found that my blog is worth $879USD! Hahaha! I also found some sites or blogs that visited my blog and used some of the photos I posted here. I do not own most of the photos that I'm posting, but it's great that they put my blog site for the photo credits haha...
Worth for

Then as I checked on my Profile, I saw that I've been in blogger since 2009. I realized that I've been blogging for 3 years! Hahaha! Though some of my posts are my favorite videos, quotations, and articles,  I'm still surprised to see how many blog posts I have per year. 

Review of by is ranked 7,589,632 in the world (among the 30 million domains). This site is estimated worth $879USD. This site has a low Pagerank(1/10). It has 15 backlinks. It's good for seo website. has 12% seo score. is safe and can be available by children, contains no malicious software and is not used for phishing.
I'm not a very smart blogger. My English is not perfect. The way I write is not something that can really impress my readers. The things I write are mostly about myself.. my life. I never thought that I'd be a blogger for 3 years! Oh well, my 3rd year of being a blogger in this blog site is on October 2012 but it doesn't matter. I'm so happy to have an almost 3-year old blog! 

Sooner or later (depends if I'm not busy or lazy - I always use this line if you notice haha) I will share more about my life in this blog. I will try to write a lot about anything haha! It's not a big deal if I have few followers/readers. It's okay even if I don't have one, but that's impossible because my Gyun-Wo is my number 1 reader! Hahaha!!! 

Hmm, that's all I can share for today. I need to go back to work though I'm lazy. I'm testing while re-writing some recipes. Hehe! I write recipes for Check this site if you're on a diet. There are a lot of recipes that you can try while you're on a weight management program. (A little advertisement for Haha!)

Anyway, may we all have a nice Tuesday! It's almost lunch time but I'm not excited because my Mom prepared stir-fried veggies and fried Tilapia fish. Hehe.. Have a great day everyone! ^.~

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