An online diary of someone who tends to forget easily.

I miss school...

Last weekend while Mom is checking the clothes that we do not wear anymore, I asked her if I still have my college school uniform in our closet. When she said yes, I told her if she can look for it because I want to wear it again and take pictures wearing it. After a while she gave me my uniform and I immediately went to our room to change. I wore it and take pictures! Here's the best shot I got. 

I miss everything that reminds me of school or being a college student. There's just so many great memories that I love remembering. I will continue to be grateful and happy with everything that happened in my college life. I just love it so much. I miss being a student not because I did not enjoy that life when I'm still in that stage.. it's just sooooo great that it makes me happy whenever I think about it. It makes me realize how time flies so soon. It's been 4 years since we graduated and I can't believe that from being a student who is always dependent to her parents... I'm now one of the IT professionals who is working so hard to have a great future for my family and for my future family. I love life. I love everything about my life. ^____^

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