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I won..again!

Good Morning! It's my favorite day of the week! Haha! Anyway I decided to write because I want to share something that made be happier yesterday! Aside from dating my Gyun-Wo because it's our 8th monthsary.. I also won in an online contest I joined! I think it is my 3rd time to win in an online contest.

The first time I won is when I joined in a contest sponsored by South Korea. I've always wanted to go to Korea so I always join those contests that I can do in order to test my luck haha! December 2010 I joined in a contest which I previously blogged about a year ago. When I joined it was a day before the end of the contest. What participants should do is to answer the questions about South Korea which is pretty doable because there are HINTS that you can check so you'll get the correct answer. Aside from the hints, the good thing about it is there is no time limit, you can ask Google so you'll get it right. You can also answer the same questions for a couple of times. I think the selection of winners is random and I'm just so lucky to be one of the digital camera winners! Months after the contest my Samsung camera (my prize) was delivered to me!

The second time I won is when I followed someone in Twitter. A celebrity that I was following tweeted that if you are one of the first 100 new followers of her friend a set of gift will be given to the winners. As soon as I read her tweet I checked on her friend's Twitter profile and clicked on the Follow button. The next day I checked if I won and luckily I did! Then a month after I won, I got this. Gift set from Ever Bilena. I received a pressed powder, a pink lipstick which is my favorite lippie until now, set of different colors of eye shadow, and a perfume that I also liked. I'm so thankful with what I got and I love them all!

And the third time I won is when I joined in a Twitter contest again. At first I was busy working and then when I checked on my Twitter I saw my friends' tweets about PLDT's contest. Last Thursday June 7 they asked Twitter users to tweet a Movie Title with a word replaced with #myDSL1299, unfortunately I'm not one of the winners that day. The good news is they tweeted that we still have a chance to win by joining again the next day. Then yesterday they announced that we should come up with a creative Song Title with a word replaced with #myDSL1299. I searched on the funniest and cutest Song Titles and replaced a word on each with #myDSL1299. Then when I arrived home from my date with my boyfriend, I checked my Twitter account and I saw that there are some people who mentioned me in their tweets. I was so shocked when I saw that I'm one of the lucky winners! Someone asked me to contact him by sending a text message and so I did. He said it will take 1-2 months before I get my cash prize, and that's okay.

So there! I won three times by joining a lot of contests online. Some says I'm lucky, hmmm... maybe sometimes I am. But the thing that I realized because of these winning is that in order to succeed you have to work hard for it. I've always wanted to won the lottery! Haha! But I'm not lucky at it. Then I realized maybe God really wants me to work hard to achieve something that I want.. and if I deserve it I know He will give it to me. It is also important to remember that you join the contest not only to win, well for me, I like joining contests that are fun, exciting, doable, those that I won't regret doing, and those where I can share and gain knowledge about different things. 

Hmmm.. what else can I say? I'm happy. I'm thankful. I will continue joining contests online. If you haven't win any contest, just keep on trying and do your best! Who knows, the next time you try, you'll win! Don't give up, but don't expect too much^.~

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