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Online Shopping

Good Morning! I'm going to share in this post my experience purchasing different items from online shopping stores that sells various fashion apparels for a very affordable price! I was addicted doing online window shopping and I tried to order stuffs online several times.

August 12, 2010 is the date when I ordered cute items from Total cost for the items I chose is US$46.30 and the shipping fee (DPEX) is US$14.00. I paid a total of US$60.30 using my paypal account. Days after the payment and confirmation of my order, the items were delivered to me and I was very happy because the clothes are very cute and the quality is good as well. Here are the items I ordered from yesstyle. Photo credits to

Bow Accent V-Neck Top [Gray - One Size] - US$10.80
Elbow-Sleeve Lace-Trim Top [Green - One Size] - US$10.00
Knit Hoodie [Thick Cable Knit - Pink - One Size] - US$9.00
Ruched-Sleeve Top [Purple - One Size] - US$7.50
Short-Sleeve Color-Block Empire Top [Pink - One Size] - US$9.00


July 28, 2011 - This is the second time that I ordered fashion apparels online. This time I decided to order accessories that we (me, my mom and my sister) can use for the debut of my cousin. We were really excited to look gorgeous for the occasion that's why I told them I will order some fashion accessories online. Then I ordered in I choose different styles of earrings and paid US$20.49 in Western Union. The payment fee of W.U. is US$24 if I'm not mistaken. Here are the items I bought. Photo credits to
Elegant & Fashionable DiamondFringed Ear Ring - US$3.42
Elegant & Fashionable Swarovski Crystal Long Earring - US$3.22
Beautiful & Gentle Pearl Diamond Carving Earrings - US$2.11
Elegant & Generous Round Ball-pendents Earrings - US$1.28
Elegant & Fashionable Bohemia Leaf Earring - US$1.66
May 29, 2012 - The third time to order fashion accessories/clothes online. This time I tried to order from because they have a lot of fashion apparels for sale for very cheap price. I ordered last May 29 and I received the package just now June 27. It took almost a month because I chose the wrong shipping type. I paid extra fee to change it to DPEX but it didn't worked I don't know what problem they encountered. Anyway I paid a total of US$33.35 (including the shipping fee) for my order. Payment type is paypal as always. I'm disappointed with the shirt that I ordered for Gyun-Wo, it was supposed to be mustard but what I got is yellow shirt with a print that is not well-done! Here are the items that I ordered and delivered to me. 

Fashionable Elegant Style Suit Collar Lovely Single  - US$6.16
Hot-sale Elastic Printed T-shirt Yellow - US$5.99

Chic Watchband Style Adjustable PU Bracelet White - US$0.54
Rabbit Rhinestone - US$0.73.. Lovely Bowknot - US$1.76

Letters Embellished Round Long Necklace Bronze - US$0.54
That's it! I ordered items online three times and I was very satisfied when I ordered from I'm not that happy with and As what some says, you get what you pay for. Anyway, it's great to try buying some stuffs to different online stores. It's good that I didn't ordered a lot from them! Haha! For now, I'm still saving money and looking for another store where I can try purchasing fashion apparels online!

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