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Day 12: First!

Day 12: July 12, 2012 - Thursday
I received a phone call minutes after I sent my CV online. Then I was asked few things about what I sent and other information about me and my stay here in SG. Then I was scheduled for a personal interview in Tanjong Pagar. Since Gyun-Wo has a scheduled interview as well at 3PM and mine is 4PM he can't be with me in going to the office address. Thanks so much to and google maps which are really big help in finding directions to go to my target location. Gyun-Wo also helps me in many ways to become independent especially when it comes to going to places alone. :p

I arrived 30 minutes before 4PM and waited for my turn for the interview. The interview went well. I believe somehow they liked me. Haha! After the interview Gyun-Wo came to Tanjong Pagar and then we went to NEX mall to buy Cereals and Milk for our breakfast. We also had dinner in Burger King because we're both starving! Here are some of the photos.


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