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Day 13: Second!

Day 13: July 13, 2012 - Friday
I have an appointment somewhere in Changi and I asked Gyun-Wo to find the place with me since he's free. I think I will have a hard time finding the place and I'm not confident to go there alone so I asked his help. He went there and waited for me. After the meeting, we stayed in Changi City Point Mall for a few minutes. We bought egg tarts which are so delicious, a slice of cake and I'm surprised when the sales clerk spoke Tagalog haha! Then we went to Outram Park Subway station and waited for our friend. We will meet him because we agreed that we will attend the Bible Exposition that day.

We went to a place which I can't remember the name -_- and we listened for more than 2 hours in the Bible Exposition. We also had our dinner there since they offer free meal. Haha!

Our friend bought us Durian Puffs and Ice Gem biscuits then we went home. Here are some of the photos that day.

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