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Day 2: Walk Galore!

Day 2: July 2, 2012 - Monday
We started our day by going to the hawker place where you can dine-in or take out food from the different food stores that sells noodles, rice meals, breads, desserts, drinks, etc. We bought Red Bean Buns which taste sooooo goood! We also ordered one plate of Mee Rebus which I never expected to be that spicy! Then I went to the store to buy drinks. I told the lady that I want one bottle of water and unfortunately we did not understand each other. I find it hard to understand the accent. I end up ordering two glasses of a sweet drink which I called 'Cola' because that's how I understood it when she said that. -_-

After having breakfast we bought some things that we need such as sim card with freebies (angry birds designed umbrella), tissue, bath towel for Gyun-Wo, adaptor, etc.

We had a dinner with our friends and went to Fair Price Xtra for the second time to buy the things we forgot to include in our list that morning.

Here are some of the pictures I took yesterday.

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Anonymous said...

Yey! I read your new blog entries sis! Looks great, Love the pics, keep them coming. I shared it to our friends :)

ghee said...

Thank you sis! hehe! miss you my twin! mwah!

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