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Day 21: Sentosa P2

Day 21: July 21, 2012 - Saturday
It's weekend and we woke up so early because we have to go somewhere for Gyun-Wo's work pass. We left at 8am and arrived at past 9am. After the appointment in WPSC (I wonder if I remember it right..haha!) we went to Vivo City Mall in Harbourfront. We had lunch in Food Republic, a food court inside the mall. I will post the photos in this entry so you'll see how delicious looking the food are haha! Anyway after lunch we walked a lot inside the mall checking different stores like Face Shop, Etude House, fashion and kikay shops, gadget stores, etc. 

Ah, I'm sure Gyun-Wo will never forget this one. He want to buy a tumbler mug/glass that he can use while he's at work in the office. We saw a very cute one and it says that the price is only 8.80 SGD. He chose the light green colored tumbler while I chose the coffee brown one. When the cashier swiped on the barcode/price reader or whatever you call that, it showed that it cost 34 SGD! OMG! Gyun-Wo immediately informed the cashier that we will only get one. Haha! Oh well.. the price tags are wrong! We didn't see 34 in that tumbler rack! The most expensive price that we saw in that area is 28 SGD. So how the hell did it became 34 SGD? Haha! -_-

When we felt tired strolling at the mall, we decided to go to Sentosa for the second time since it is near Vivo City Mall. We planned to go back to Siloso Beach in Sentosa but because of the very hot weather that day I told Gyun-Wo to cancel our plan haha! It was so hot that day! Here are the photos of our Vivo City and Sentosa trip last weekend. :)

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