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Day 23: Order Received!

Day 23: July 23, 2012 - Monday
It's Monday once again! Gyun-Wo left for work so early while I woke up at 8 in the morning. As usual I prepared cereals for breakfast, turned on Reene and started sending my CV, cooked Sardines with tomatoes and cabbage for lunch, and went back to my daily routine which involves Reene. 

I was busy playing Facebook's The Sims Social when ate Janet called me. When I went out of our room she told me that my order from arrived. I checked on the package and signed the paper that the delivery guy handed me. Then I went back to our room and checked the items I ordered. I spent a total of S$30 for everything including the shipping fee. I ordered last July 20 and the clothes were delivered todaaaay! Yey! I'm contented with the quality and how fast the delivery is hehe! Anyway, here are the photos:

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