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Day 24: Bibimbap in SG!

Day 24: July 24, 2012 - Tuesday
This entry is about our dinner! Haha! Did you notice that most of my posts lately talks about one common thing? Food! Yeah! Haha! Anyway last night we decided to buy dinner from a mini-mall near our place where Fair Price Xtra is also located. At first we didn't know what to order. I told him that there are still leftovers in the fridge that we can eat for dinner but it's not enough for the two of us. Then as I look at the stores that sell food in Kopitiam I saw that there are those who sell Japanese, Chinese, Thai, and guess what! Korean food! I immediately told Gyun-Wo and we saw that they serve Bibimbaaaaaap! our favorite Bibimbap! Hahaha! We bought 1 order of that delicious Korean food and went back home. 

Gyun-Wo took a bath and I started cooking and mixing the leftovers - chicken adobo, ham and pineapple, and the sardines. After few minutes of mixing and heating the leftovers and mixing the Bibimbap, I took my camera and I want to share the photos haha! So here it is:

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