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Day 5: "So expensive!"

Day 5: July 5, 2012 - Thursday
A rainy day...we went back to Aljunied for Gyun-Wo's first interview with someone who is working in an agency. While waiting for him to finish his interview, I walked around the place.. I went to different groceries, restaurants, checked on what they're selling and when I started to feel tired, I waited for him in a bus stop in front of the building where Gyun-Wo is being interviewed. After his interview we took Bus 80 and stopped at MayBank somewhere in Serangoon Road. After getting some money from his account, we ordered food in Oceanz Delights because we are both hungry. Here are the photos for Day 5.

While waiting for Gyun-Wo
My favorite! Red Bean Bun!!!
On our way to buy our Lunch and Dinner
In Front of Fair Price...

Waiting for Bus 112
where you should tap on your EZ Link card when you get in and off the bus
Inside the bus..
inside the bus...
Looking for alcohol or sanitizer but I found these...
Nom.. Nom.. (so expensive!)
while waiting for Gyun-Wo
In front of MayBank...
Looking for something to eat...
The hungry Gyun-Wo...
The tired and hungry ghee...
Durian Store...
Oceanz Delights (Miss 'So Expensive') :)


Mirienda Time!
Btw, the reason for my post's title is because of the girl that we saw in Oceanz Delights, if you will check on the photos, the girl wearing a blue shirt. We talked to her about our rent and she keeps on saying "so expensive!" hahaha! 

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