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Day 1: Delayed..

Day 1: July 2, 2012 - Sunday
This post is about our first time to fly! Haha! Gyun-Wo booked round trip tickets for our Singapore tour and last Sunday, July 1, we went to DMIA in Clark Pampanga for our 7.25AM flight. As we arrived someone helped us to check-in our luggage bags, and he gave us form to fill-in which is quite similar to a embarkation/disembarkation card.. I forgot the name of the form. We also gave him P2,200 for the travel tax and terminal fee that we should pay in the airport. He settled the payment and gave us our boarding pass.. then we headed to Immigration where we just presented our boarding pass, ID, passport, and ticket to the Immigration Personnel/Officer. After that, we headed to the Waiting Lounge of DMIA at the second floor of the airport. Here are some of the pictures I took while waiting for our delayed flight which is supposed to be 7.25AM but because of technical problems in one of their planes, our flight was scheduled at 12:30PM. We waited 5 hours in the waiting lounge. We arrived at 3:43 PM in Changi International Airport, went to where our passport will be checked and stamped, claimed our luggage, and went out to wait for our friends who volunteered to pick us up from the airport and help us find our way to the location of the house where we rented a room where we can stay while we are in Singapore. Here are the pictures! ^.~


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