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Ms. Ghee is...

I'm officially unemployed and while registering and uploading resumes to different job portals we were asked to answer a survey and here's what I got.. It's like an analysis or result based on how I answered the survey. Cool.. but I don't completely agree with this result haha!

JobsCentral Career Personality Profiler

At a Glance
• Works hard, puts in long hours and keeps busy with work.
• Punctual, completes work on time.
• Faithful, trustworthy and devoted in long-term relationships.
• Sees people as nice and friendly, not comfortable to wheel and deal.
• A good supporter of others.
• Less expressive verbally.
• Needs clear and thorough instructions, slow to act when uncertain.

While at Work
Diligence and discipline are characteristics of Ms Ghee's work attitude. She is often pre-occupied with the tasks at hand. As she derives satisfaction from being immersed in work and thrives on being involved, expect Ms Ghee to put in long and extended hours at work.

Time is a major concern for Ms Ghee. She is frequently punctual and even early for appointments. When time is critical, she moves quickly and acts promptly. Having a sense of urgency means that Ms Ghee pushes to get things done when there is a deadline and allocates time properly when planning or organising activities. She can be depended upon to get work done on schedule.

Ms Ghee generally will persist with work until it is completed but may at times not complete her tasks.

Ms Ghee is able to produce work that is moderately high in quality but she may at times be careless.

Ms Ghee is generally objective but may at times be emotional.

Although Ms Ghee is usually a sympathetic person, she may at times be selective about being involved in the personal problems of people.

Ms Ghee is friendly and outgoing when she is with friends although she may at times prefer to be quiet.

Ms Ghee is the sort of person who forms long term bonds and attachments. She is faithful, trustworthy, and devoted in such relationships. She tends to be trusting, dedicated and protective towards those she loves. Patriotism and sense of duty is a significant aspect of her character.

Ms Ghee is moderately serious about her responsibilities and selectively takes ownership of her work.

Ms Ghee is moderately concerned with prestige, rank and reputation.

Ms Ghee sees people as friendly, reliable and honest. She is trusting and believes what people say. She tends to be unsuspecting of people.s behaviour and motives. She is uncomfortable when she has to wheel and deal.

A good supporter to the people around her, Ms Ghee does not desire to lead or influence people. She is uncomfortable taking charge and does not feel the thrill of challenge in leading others. She prefers to responds rather than initiate. She looks to others to provide direction and does not naturally want to persuade or motivate others to take a certain course of action.

Ms Ghee is as keen to explore abstract concepts when the topic appeals to her and she is as interested to discuss theoretical issues as the average person.

Ms Ghee puts in effort to plan ahead some of the times. She may at times not be as detailed in her planning.

Ms Ghee is not an expressive person and may have difficulty expressing her ideas, thoughts or plans. Her language ability may not be strong and she could be described as a person of few words.

Being one who needs clear and thorough instructions before she can proceed on action, Ms Ghee resists when conditions are uncertain. She does not adapt easily to changes. Before she embarks on a new project, expect Ms Ghee to find out more and probe deeply.

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