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Thai Noodles!

It's been awhile since I wrote something to keep this blog updated. Actually I planned on writing everyday to make sure that I always share whatever we do especially now that we're in a different place. But because of my poor memory I keep on forgetting the things that we do and even the food that we eat so I can't maintain blogging using that format haha! Anyway for now I will just share whatever I remember when I have time to blog or when I'm not that lazy. Hehe!

In this post I will share about the Thai noodles we've ordered for our dinner. Sometimes when our meal is not enough for the two of us we will buy something else like noodles to make sure that we are both satisfied after eating. I don't really like this noodles that we bought weeks ago because it's not that tasty..all I can say to describe it is that the noodles is spicy. Haha! Here are some of its pictures.

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