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Hello my dear blog and reader(s).. I can't sleep.. I decided to blog about random things until I feel sleepy hehe.. The title of this post says it all.. Sometimes I can't help but miss everything about my home.. 

It's been my dream since a kid to work abroad and live somewhere alone.. where I can practice independence and learn the things that I can't do if I will just stay where I am months ago before I went here in SG. Now that I was able to make that dream a reality, I am happy.. but there are times when I just cry.. why? because I miss them a lot. THEM which pertains to a lot of things and a lot of people far from me.

I miss the simplicity of life I have back in PH. I miss my family. I miss the way my mom cooks for me. I miss the way I make fun of my papa.. I miss fighting with my youngest sibling... I miss hugging my sister at night before going to bed.. and being with her on our way to work. I miss their presence at home. I miss them so much.

I miss my friends especially my close friends that I turn to in good times and bad times hehe! I miss my best friend with whom I can tell anything. I miss laughing with them. I miss chatting with them. I miss being with them.

I miss my favorite pedicab and tricycle that whenever I have to go somewhere far I just need to call for the driver so he can take me there. No long walks which I really hate! Haha! I miss watching TV because we don't have a TV in our room. I miss having a pet which can be a great stress reliever, I miss Mckenzie, so sad that he died early. 

I miss my favorite food that I always eat. I miss mom's cooking. I miss my best friend's ulam especially Tita's lumpiang shanghai haha! I miss buying stuffs and doing stuffs without worrying much about how it will cost me. I miss being in PH.

There are a lot of things things that I really really miss. At first I thought I won't miss them so much because I have someone that is always by my side.. because there's WWW and they're just a PM or Skype call away... I thought I won't feel homesick because there are a lot of things that will keep me busy that I won't even have time to always think about them.. but I was wrong. As soon as I started working I suddenly miss the presence of everything that I used to have, the people whom I always see, talk, and hug, the food that I sometimes ignore now I really wanted to eat..etc..

My dream that became my goal.. now I've accomplished it and I'm still in the process of trying to achieve other goals not only for myself but most especially for my family and of course for my future family. I'm happy that my family and my friends are so supportive and understanding with everything that I do and those that I'm trying to do. They're there to wish me luck, pray for me, and even if we're miles apart, I can still feel their love for me.. I hope I can also make them feel that.

I love them so much. I miss them so much. I just don't want to always tell these to them because they might miss me more than they do now. Hehe! 

I used to think that it's better to live alone in other country for some reasons that will make me a better me. But now I realized that nothing's better than being with your family. 

Don't get me wrong. Just because there are a lot of things mentioned here that I miss doesn't mean that I regret what I did and what I'm doing. I like it. I'm proud that I was able to do it when some people around me doubted its possibility of becoming a reality. I'm so grateful that Mama Mary and Lord Jesus Christ helped me and still helping me despite my imperfection as a human being. I'm so loved and I'm so blessed.

I'm just being so emotional right now that I miss THEM so much! Hehe! Now I understand why some of our kababayans still choose to live in PH after working for years in other country to save enough money for their family. I think I'll do the same. 

Wow, I didn't realize how long this post is right now.. look at that scrollbar! Hahaha! I still don't want to sleep. I want to take MC (Sick Leave) but I have work to do tomorrow so whether I like it or not, I have to sleep! Anyway.. that's it for today's post.. don't forget to pray before sleeping.. good night!

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