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How's my Saturday?

Good Evening! OMG Why so fast? It's night time na naman (na naman = again)?

Oh well, I'm just gonna share how's my Saturday. We woke up at quarter to 6 this morning to jog. Gyun Wo told me that we should jog for at least 30 minutes and I agreed. I easily get tired and sometimes when I do it's like I can't breath so sometimes I walk fast then run and when I get tired I walk slowly hehe. Anyway I think I was able to walk and run for 25 minutes or 30? I'm not sure but I was so tired and my feet hurts. It's our first time to jog here early in the morning because the first time we went out to exercise was Saturday night.

After the early morning exercise we walked to the Hawker streets to buy Red Bean Bun and Butterfly bread. We went back home and ate our breakfast. After that we took a bath and then we went out again to buy Pork Belly and Junk Foods that we can eat when we're craving for something salty especially me! We bought pork belly, Cheetos, Roasted Seaweed (Squid Flavor), and Calbee chips. When we're back home we started preparing the ingredients for Gyun-Wo's Sweet Pork Adobo.

After lunch I took a nap because I'm so sleepy! Haha! When I woke up we watched Liam Neeson's movie Unknown. Gyun-Wo really likes Liam Neeson so when my sister and I talked about this movie Unknown he told me that he wants to watch it so we did. Anyway I've been wanting to watch that movie since I discovered it months ago but I just forgot to download it.. good thing my sister reminded me about it.

Hmm, what else.. I guess that's it. Right now I'm just browsing and maybe later I'll ask Gyun Wo if he wants to watch Eddie Murphy's Coming To America, a very classic movie that seems to be very funny based on its movie trailer! Haha!

Tomorrow is Sunday...oh well.. that's life.. hehe! Have a great evening everybody! :)

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