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My Cooking Skills!

This post is about how my cooking skills improved with the help of my Gyun-Wo, my parents, and of course many thanks to World Wide Web! Haha! Here are some of the recipes that Gyun-Wo and I tried cooking. My favorite so far is the Chicken Adobo! Haha!

Ham and Cheese Bread Roll

Fried Marinated Chicken with buttered corn

Chicken Sarciado

Pork Adobo with Egg and Potatoes

Sipo Egg

Chicken Adobo with Potatoes

Chicken Tinola
I enjoy cooking. I never thought it would be this easy and fun. I'm happy and proud that I can now cook and not just "fry" food! Hahaha! I still miss the food that my Mom cook for us.. I want to be a great cook like her! She's really great in cooking! I miss her so much! I hope she's proud of how I improved as time goes by. (I know she is proud even if she doesn't tell me hehe) That's it for now! I'm gonna watch TAKEN movie using Reene and TAKEN 2 later in NEX Mall. First time to watch a movie in a theater after 3 months of our stay here hehe! Have a great day my dear reader(s)! ^_^

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Danis Nava said...

wow mukhang masarap yung sipo egg...sana matikman ko yun.. :)

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