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Sad songs...

I don't know what's with the sad love songs but sometimes even if I'm happy I'm about to cry when I listen to them haha! I don't know if it's weird but there's just something about the songs that will affect your mood or it might let you remember certain things that will make you sad then eventually it will make you cry.

So if you're sad and if you want to cry, try to listen to different love songs or watch sad movies so you can have an excuse in case someone saw you crying and you don't want to tell them the real reason. Hehe!

Just like now, I'm homesick, I'm sad, then I played love songs on the background while I'm writing, seconds later I started crying hahaha! Eotteoke? (What to do in Korean language) It's just that I'm such a crybaby!

There are a lot of things that I will SOON or LATER share in this blog about my observations lately.. about my life for the past 3 months.. hehe! I just hope that I will find some time to write them here! Aja!

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