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Team Lunch!

I just want to share this experience that I will never forget! Haha! It's just about the Team Lunch that I attended last week with my office mates. At first I'm so shy I don't know if I will join them because I'm just a new employee and I don't talk a lot.. I'm afraid that I'll be left out (OP). But when I checked on email there's a message from my boss telling us to go to the restaurant with a note that it is required/must go. Haha! So I joined them!

Good thing they're nice enough to talk to me especially Silvia. She's very nice and she talk a lot hehe! I like her. They are all nice but maybe because some are also shy that's why they rarely talk to me. 

Since my work location is in Marina Bay, we had our lunch in Todai Restaurant in Marina Bay Shoppes Mall. I'm so happy when I saw the music videos being shown on TV are Korean songs! So I thought that it's a Korean restaurant! Haha! Then we went to our table and the project manager and other people who came in first told us to go get our food.. and I thought to myself 'Wow! Buffet?!' Haha! Then we started looking at the different food they serve. The first food that I put on my plate is Kimchi, then I looked for Daeji Galbi or Samgyeopsal but there was none. Then I keep on checking other food and I realized that there are a lot of varieties that we can choose to eat! There's Korean, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Pastries, Fruits, Salads, etc. I keep on putting food on my plate, I got sushi, kimchi, fried rice, etc. I forgot the other food that I put haha! I was the last one to sit on the table so I was a bit embarrassed but it's okay haha!

We started eating and as I finish my meal I feel so full. I can't talk or what haha! But to my surprise, my friends (Indonesian girls) went back and grab another plate with different kinds of food haha! After few minutes I went back as well to check on other food that I want to eat. There's so many food that I want to try but for my second round I just chose to get different pastries (slice of cake). I'm so full! I even want to takeaway/take out for my Gyun-Wo. Hehe! I love that restaurant. I don't know how to properly describe it you can check their site I don't know what else to write about this post. It was a great team lunch. I was able to enjoy my food with good company. I'm looking forward to joining more team lunch even if I'm so shy to talk sometimes. I just want to eat.. and eat.. and eat! Hahaha!

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