An online diary of someone who tends to forget easily.

Welcome back to ME!

Hello! I know I don't have a lot of readers but I have some friends who sometimes check on my blog to see if it's updated. This morning a very close friend of mine, my best friend actually, told me that she miss reading the stuffs that I share on my blog. I'm flattered with what she said so here I am, writing, trying to remember the things that happened to me and those are are happening or about to happen haha! 

Well, as I check on my blog I realize that I haven't been updating it for more than a month? I only have few blog posts for the month of August, I did not write anything nor share any video or article for the past month (September) and now that it's the 6th day of October this is the first one that I'm gonna share. 

There are a lot of changes that happened to me that's why it's difficult to really write about some things and share them on my blog especially when I'm so tired, I couldn't really organize my thoughts, I don't know what subject will I give my post, what will I tell, how will I start and end it, etc.

Anyway, starting today I will try to find some time to write so I can keep this blog updated. Hehe.. For now I have to watch the movie Taken since my Gyun-Wo wants to watch Taken 2 later in NEX Mall. So, bye for now. I will try to blog again later.

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