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Happy Halloween! It didn't feel like Halloween maybe because it's not an event that is being celebrated here.  I miss home even more when holidays like these comes. I see my family and friends posting their photos in the cemetery visiting their loved ones who passed away and spending their holidays with their family. 

I miss going to my Papa's house in Manibaug where we usually visit our pretty grandma and then go to Manibaug Cemetery to visit and pray for our grandpa who died when we were too young. After few hours of staying and taking pictures (haha!) we will go to Holy Mary Memorial to visit my Mama's Mom who died when Mama is just 4 years old. If some of our relatives will be going the same day that we did which is usually a day before November 1, then we will surely have a fun time together, eating, chatting, taking pictures, praying, etc. Haha!

After visiting our loved ones in the cemetery I will surely start uploading our pictures on that day! Haha! That bonding with my family, friends, and relatives is one thing that I really miss when it comes to special events like this one that is really being celebrated in a solemn and fun way back in our country. I miss HOME.

Even if I was not able to visit my grandpa and my lolas.. I still prayed for their soul to be always in peace and that they continue watching us from wherever they might be right now.

I will blog more about the things I want to share SOON! For now, I'll save this post and chat with my friend in Facebook. Happy Halloween everyone!

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