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It's a Holiday!

Yup! It's a holiday because of the event for Indians called Deepavali. We spent our day malling and buying stuffs that we need at home. Gyun-Wo and I went to Funan Mall to have his hair cut and to check on the gadgets like laptops, netbooks, tablets, etc.

We took a bus for an almost one hour ride from Serangoon to Funan. I like taking bus sometimes because it's cheaper and I get to see a lot of different places on my way to my destination haha! It's like you're sight-seeing while on the bus. He had his hair cut and went around the mall from level 1 to level 3 or 4 if I'm not mistaken. We had lunch in KFC and ordered delicious chicken burger with fries, chicken, mashed potato, and iced milo! After hours strolling around Funan Mall we went to Orchard. We went to Lucky Plaza to buy condiments that we use for cooking especially when the recipe is his favorite Adobo! We also bought pancit canton, fish crackers, and Mang Juan! haha!

We had dinner in a food court in LP and ordered delicious Beef Bulalo (a Pinoy Food) for S$14. We enjoyed it and since its too much that we couldn't eat all of it, we had it placed in a container and brought it home so we can eat it for our dinner that next day.

We waited until its dark so we can see and take pictures of the Christmas decorations in Orchard but our mission failed! We stayed until 8:30 but the lights were not turned on, we were a bit disappointed so we went home. Haha!

Here are the only photos we took in a mall in Lucky Plaza aka LP where we found a cute Christmas Tree/decoration at the mall's entrance.

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