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Soon it'll be Christmas..

When it's BER months (September, October, November, December) I usually get excited and happy preparing and waiting for 25th of December to celebrate Christmas with my family, friends, and relatives. As early as September 1, people in the Philippines starts to decorate, play Christmas songs, Christmas Sale is being enjoyed and loved by shoppers like me who buy gifts for our loved ones, kids and adults began singing Christmas carols at night, and the countdown to Christmas also starts. You can feel the spirit of Christmas as the month of September begin.

Now it's November already! Few days from now it's gonna be Christmas Day again. This year I don't feel excited or happy compared to last year. I'm away from the people I love and I can't go home to celebrate this upcoming event with them. I really want to go home but sadly I can't. I don't have enough money to buy ticket (OMG am I that poor? Haha!) and I can't request for vacation leave because I'm still a new employee to the company I'm working for. I'm missing home big time! There's so many things and people that I miss.

There is nothing like celebrating Christmas in the Philippines with your loved ones. I don't know how are we going to celebrate this year but I'll make sure that I'll be with my family via Skype haha! I miss them so much! I hope we can go home early next year even if it's just for a week, as long as I get to spend some time with the people I love and I miss. Before that I need to work hard and save a lot in order to save money for their pasalubong! Anyway their greatest pasalubong is me going home I guess... Haha!

May we all have a great Christmas whether we are going to spend it with our family, friends, and relatives or not, be thankful for everything that God has given us, giving us, and will give to us. Let's all love each other and be happy everyday not only when it's Christmas. Oh God, I miss HOME! :)

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