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Good Morning! Thank God It's Friday! Oh I looooove Fridays! I'm on sick leave today because I've been having headaches lately which I think because of stress or sometimes staying up late at night and waking up early the next morning. I will go to a 24-hour clinic later to get a medical certificate from a doctor as a proof that I need a one day rest. Good thing I don't have much work to do today so it's a great time to relax.

Anyway as I mentioned over and over again I have so many things in mind that I want to write here in my blog and I hope I can share some of them today since I'm just gonna stay the whole day in our room. I also need to do the laundry later and I'm planning to jog later at 6 in the evening. I sometimes feel stressed and I need to exercise a lot so I won't be sick.

Hmm.. I'm gonna end this post here. I want to write something else which is not related to my topic here haha! Have a great Friday!

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