An online diary of someone who tends to forget easily.


I'm just a contract staff in the company where I currently work and because of that I'm not invited to different company events that they have such as Christmas party! Since my friends and I are not invited we decided to make our own party with our partners. I have Filipino friends at work namely Kat, Kaarlo, Glenn, Sheryl, Lorraine, Neil, and Grace. The last 3 persons mentioned were not able to attend the party because of certain reasons. As for us 5 (kat, kaarlo, sheryl, and glenn) we decided to play bowling in Marina Square last December 8. 

I introduced Gyun Wo to them and they did the same (introducing their partner). We arrived late at the mall so instead of starting playing by 4PM, we were able to start by 5 or 6PM I guess. Gyun Wo hit strikes for 3-4 times! I played good as well. I scored 53 and Gyun Wo's score is 100 plus! Haha! It's a battle between girls and boys and as expected we are the losing team (girls).

After bowling for an hour, we had our dinner in Olive Vine. Gyun Wo and I ordered pasta and a slice of cake for dessert. We talked and ate a lot about different stuffs. Then as agreed, after our dinner we started exchanging gifts in a very fun way!

Glenn told us about the 'White Elephant' Exchange Gift. Here, I'll try to explain it carefully and let's see if you can understand what I want to say haha! First, Kat prepared papers rolled with numbers on the inside and we have to get one for each person to know how's the sequence for the exchange gift. We were 9 persons. I got number 7. Gyun Wo got number 4. After that person who get to choose the gift first will start choosing. For number 1, if you chose a great gift then you are still on the game because once someone else stole the gift from you, you can still open new gifts or stole those that you haven't got yet. Unfortunately number 1 chose and opened a not so very fancy gift that any of us would like to get. So what now? That means he's not included in the 'stealing/opening new gifts' anymore because if nobody wants to steal the gift from him that means the gift is his already. In short, game over for him. haha!
When it's Gyun Wo's turn, he opened earphones with a good brand and he was happy about it but it was stolen by someone else. Since his gift was stolen, he needs to choose: steal other gift or open a new one. He chose to open a new one, the next gift he opened is a X-Mini speaker. Then someone else took it away from him again. Well, actually we talked about it, when it's my turn I will steal the X-mini from him or I will steal the earphones that was previously stolen. That's our plan, sounds good huh? haha! So for the third time, he chose to open a new gift instead of stealing. Then he got a coffee maker. 

Good thing that the X-mini v2 speaker that I stole from Gyun Wo, and the coffee maker he got were both not stolen by others. So we get to take them home! So happy! Haha! Ah, we bought back, eye, and head massager gifts for the white elephant exchange gift.

The gifts are chocolate fondue (number 1's choice), tumblers, earphones,  massager, coffee maker, and x-mini 2 speaker. It was a great day with our friends. Gyun Wo had so much fun as well. It's our monthsary and a mini Christmas party bonding with friends.

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My Life in 2012

New Year Celebration with Valencia Clan
>I can't remember much about this month. All I know is we spent the first day of the year with the Valencia clan. It's a yearly event that we always attend because it's the time when my Papa's family and relatives gather together to celebrate the New Year.

Our First Valentine's Day
>First Valentine with Gyun-Wo as my boyfriend. He gave me a dozen red roses and we celebrated by having our dinner in Hyun Jeong Restaurant that serves Korean food.

MARCH 2012
Thinking, Planning, etc.
>Thinking and planning to quit my current job to pursue my long time dream.. to move to another country to work and live alone or with someone (Gyun Wo). I've been wanting to do that but I just don't know when. I told Gyun-Wo about it and he seems to be interested in doing that as well. So we came up with a plan after thinking about it really hard.

APRIL 2012
Planning and Preparation for the major goal...
>We have a lot of questions in mind.. and because of that we did our best to find answers to those questions. We asked Google and our friends who have experienced the adventure we were about to take. We consulted our families and friends about it. We really talked and think about the plan if we are really going to push through it this year. 

MAY 2012
>Finally we came up with a decision that is a really risky and scary thing to do. We sent our resignation letters to our bosses. We informed some of our friends about it. Days after submitting the letters we made sure that our family and loved ones understand what we just did. 

JUNE 2012
Last month at work in FAST
>A busy month. The feeling of sadness because you're leaving your loved ones soon and the excitement on what are the new experiences you're gonna get in the next few months is really something I can't forget. I'm sad because there's so many things and people I'm gonna miss. I'm scared about the risks we are taking. I'm excited to go in our adventure and share it to my loved ones. I'm praying that it will all go well. There's just a lot of emotions that I felt during this month. I also did a lot of shopping as a preparation of what's gonna happen the next month.

JULY 2012
As changes begin...
>We began to learn a lot of things on our own! This is one of the things we really want to do. To be independent. I heard comments from other people saying I'll find it hard to be away from my parents when it's time for me to get married because I've been so dependent to them especially with my mom for a very long time. I don't blame or hate them for having such thought about that. All I know is I have very loving parents. So it's just Gyun Wo and I together, exploring and experiencing the new adventure of our life in another country.

The critical month...
>Gyun-Wo being a programmer/developer, I'm so happy and proud that he was able to get a job weeks after applying online and attending interviews. It's a big help he was able to work early than we expected. Then I was left, trying my very best to get a job before my visit pass and pass extension expires so I won't have to go out somewhere and re-enter to get a month of stay again here (just like what most of the tourist do I did that too). But after almost 2 months I still fail to get a job. It was so hard. I was depressed and crying and worried. I was really praying and trying to be brave and to focus on the positive side of everything even if it's not very easy!

First goal accomplished!
>It was my Mom's birth month and I miss her so much. I didn't buy anything for her. She also told me she's been praying for my success in reaching my goal and that they miss me so much. 

Well,. the thing is.. after a lot of hardwork and praying I was blessed with a good offer in a well known company in this country. I started to work and live my dream. It wasn't that easy but I can handle it. I gained new friends and a lot of new learnings about my career. A blessed month I guess. Actually after crying so hard worrying I will go home with my mission failed, someone called me and told me the good news so I was really really happy and thankful.

First Anniversary
>We celebrated it in a very simple way. We didn't even have money to buy gifts to give for each other. Gyun Wo bought a slice of cake, pasta, and chicken for our dinner. That's it. It wasn't that special but for us what's important is that we are together in that day. I just wish that the way we feel and treat each other won't change. I hope he won't get tired of loving me and being sweet to me. Sometimes I just feel he's so used to seeing and being with me everyday that he doesn't miss me anymore and he's not as sweet as before. Is that really how it is when you're a year older together?! Haha! And I realized I became sweeter than before. Haha!

Ah it's also my Papa's birth month. I also miss him but I know soon I'll be home to spend some time with them. I miss my loving family so much!

Homesick strikes bigtime!
>As what I previously mentioned here, I started missing my loved ones in PH when I feel that I'm really celebrating Christmas without them. They're in PH, I'm in SG. The Christmas spirit is really different here. It's happier and more exciting if I'm in PH. When homesickness strikes I sometimes cry and sometimes I just do something else to make me happy. I don't want to be sad because we are so blessed. It's part of the sacrifice to be away from them for a little while. Time flies so fast so in few more months I know I can go home to spend time with them.

First Christmas Away From Home
>Yes that's right. I'm gonna spend Christmas for the first time in a different country. At first we planned to just spend it here in SG but Gyun Wo suggested that we go visit his uncle in Malaysia and then when he told his uncle about it, he was told that we will also go to Thailand! Hahaha! Oh well, how about that?! It's a great way to forget the sadness and to just be happy that our loved ones even if we are not with them, we are happy and thankful that we are all safe, healthy, and alive. That's the greatest blessing we should always be thankful for. I'm excited for our long vacay! Ah this month is also our birth month so December is really our fave month of the year! 

Well that's it. I guess I just did it. My life in the year 2012. I'm not so busy so I spent some time to write briefly about my life for the past 11 months! It's been a great year for me, for Gyun Wo, and for our loved ones. We are all so blessed and grateful. I hope it will continue and improve for the next year.. and the next year.. decade.. century.. forever! Let's cheers to that! ^_^

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Blog posts...

Major change about my blog! It's funny howI used to write a lot and share just about anything in my blog for the past year. Now even if I have so much to tell I can't blog about them because of me being busy and sometimes lazy. Oh well.. haha! Look at my archive section! See how the number of posts changed from more than 30 a month to 1-5??!!

I want to share a lot of things about my life for the year 2012... I just don't know how to start writing all of the thoughts that's in my head! Haha! Maybe I'll try to post my monthly review later. Every year when the month of December come I usually have this habit of reminiscing the events that happened in my life the past 11 months and share it in my blog. I'll try to do that again.. one of these days. I hope I can. I'll try to do it later and maybe when I'm done I'll post it asap. Haha!

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Make Her Happy!

This post is related to my entry that was previously posted entitled "44 Ways to Make a Girl Happy". I've selected some of the items that I like and removed those that doesn't need to be done to make me happy. Here are some of my favorites. I guess most of you will agree if I say that we (girls) like it when our guy is being so sweet to us even when we're mat at them. Haha! I hope guys will stay sweet to their girl no matter how long they've been together and same thing goes to the girls out there. Don't lose the spark/magic/sweetness. Just because you're always together and she tells you how much she loves you doesn't mean it's gonna be like that forever especially if you're being insensitive towards her needs. Just because she's always by your side doesn't mean she'll stay forever. You need to continue making effort to make her stay. Forgot the exact quote that I read somewhere about pursuing a girl and once you got her doesn't mean you'll need to stop doing sweet stuffs you used to do when you're still courting her. Get what I mean? Anyway, here's my list based from the article I re-blogged months ago.

1) Take pics with her.
2) Pull her onto your lap.
3) When she says she loves you more, deny it. fight back.
4) When her friends say i love her more than you, deny it; fight back and hug her tight so she can't get to her friends. It makes her feel loved.
5) Always hug her and say, "I love you," whenever you see her.
6) Kiss her unexpectedly
7) Hug her whenever possible. (A hug every night before sleeping, a hug in the morning as you wake up with a kiss on her forehead, a surprise hug, a comforting hug, girls love hugs!)
8) Tell her and make her feel that she's the most beautiful woman for you
9) Tell her the way you feel about her! 
10) If it seems like there is something wrong, ask her- if she denies something being wrong, it means she doesn't want to talk about it, so just hug her.
11) Make her feel loved.
12) Kiss her in front of other girls you know.
13) Don't lie to her.
14) Dont cheat on her.
15) Take her anywhere she wants.
16) Send a message or call her in the morning and tell her have a good day at school or work, and how much you miss and love her.
17) Be there for her whenever she needs you, and even when she doesn't need you, just be there so she'll know that she can always count on you.
18) Hold her close when she's cold so she can hold you too.
19) When you are alone, hold her close and kiss her.
20) Kiss her on the cheek (it will give her the hint that you want to kiss her).
21) While in the movie, put your arm around her and then she will automatically put her head on your shoulder, then lean in and tilt her chin up and kiss her lightly. (A kiss on the forehead is sweeter)
22) If she's upset, comfort her.
23) Pretend that the food she cook tastes good even if it's not.
24) Get something that she really likes (Getting a cute stuffed toy from the arcade by playing a game! It's better if you let her watch you play, lose, until you lose/win it.)
25) When people diss her, stand up for her.
26) When walking next to each other grab her hand.
27) Show how much you love her not just when you're together but when you're around with your friends or family.
28) Call her by her first name or give her a cute nickname and don't let anyone call her that way but you.. Only you.
29) When you hug her hold her in your arms as long as possible.
30) Take her for long walks at night.
31) Always remind her how much you love her.

Saying how much you love a person is not enough. Sometimes you need to show it not only to the person but also to those who loves her (family, friends, loved ones). It feels good when you know that your family/friend is being loved by someone who's not afraid to let them know and see how much he cares for her. I'm not talking about doing too much PDA! Haha! 

Try to do the things that will make the both of you happy especially your partner. It is important that your girl knows you love her and make sure you make her feel that everyday..because you'll never know when she needs just a little more love.

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Gyun Wo's birthday!

12-12-12. Yes today is my Gyun Wo's birthday. Months before December 12 I've been wondering what will I do to surprise him and make him happy on his special day especially when there's just the two of us together here. Being miles away from our loved ones, I know he miss them so much.. even if he doesn't tell me, I can see the sadness in his eyes. He may not always tell me how he feels but I sometimes I just know.

So, here's what I did for his birthday! I'm gonna share what I planned months before his birthday and a day before today.

1) The Most Wanted Bag!
Months before December he's been very open about wanting so bad to have a sling/messenger bag with a well known brand having a good reputation for its quality and cute bags. We're always checking online what's the price, design, color, and the price. Haha! I once told him I'll get him one for his birthday or if not I'll buy him one this month. I made him think that I won't be able to buy one for his birthday but I was really planning to give him that bag today! So I went to Raffles Shopping Center to look for the store but I failed so I went to another mall which is the Vivo City. It took me minutes of walking around the Level 1 of the mall before I found the Crumpler store! When I arrived I asked the guy who assisted me about Hillman Hunter Crumpler bag and then I bought a red rust color of that bag and went to my next destination which is the Serangoon NEX Mall for cake decorating!

2) The Personalized/Customized Cake
My colleague once shared that she went to The Icing Room in Singapore to design a cake for his husband's birthday. From that day on I decided to check on that shop and see if I can do that for my Gyun Wo. I asked Google about it and found that there's a shop in NEX mall where I usually go when I'm on my way home because the Bus Interchange is there. I checked on sample cake icing designs that were posted in Google Images but I can't decide what exactly can I do. I'm not creative or good at drawings or designing. Haha! 

I've asked my friends on what can I possibly design that is easy to do. Someone told me to draw his fave anime character which is very difficult for me to do! I'm not good at drawing! haha! If only I'm as good as my mom then I'll definitely do that!

Everytime Gyun Wo's in a shower I always make sure to Google some cake design images where I can get some inspiration for my design. When I'm done with my Google search I make sure I always clean my browsing history before he even see it. Haha!

So, after doing a lot of image browsing, I decided to do it! I don't have a picture or design that I really want to do. I just decided to do it on the spot. Haha! After going to Vivo City Mall to buy the most wanted bag for my Gyun Wo, I went to The Icing Room in NEX mall. I saw girls decorating a cake but they're almost finish so I wasn't able to take a good look on what they're doing (planning to copy their design? nah.. haha!) Then I asked the cashier how much is the DIY cake with a size of 6 inches. She told me how much is it and that I need to pay first before getting my cake and decorating stuffs.. and so I did. After paying, I waited until she gave me the vanilla cake covered with white icing, 5 little icing pipes (red, yellow, dark brown, mint green, and pink.), and the flower icing decorations. Then I started decorating the cake.

As I started working on my little cute cake for my Gyun Wo, I noticed some people walking by the shop and some stopping for a while to look at what I'm doing! At first I was a bit shy because I'm the only one decorating! Then I realized, I'm doing this for my love so I just have to ignore them and concentrate on what I'm doing so I can finish it as soon as possible! Hahaha!

After minutes of decorating, finally I called the lady to assist me in putting the cake on the cute pink box they provide. She asked me if I'm going to takeaway (take out/take home) the rest of the icing that were not completely used and I said yes, so she packed them together with a candle and happy birthday thingy (don't know what to call it.. haha!) Then I went home!

...and the result of my effort to surprise and make him happy? Here's what happen yesterday and today (morning)

Cake surprise partially failed!
Yesterday when he went home, I pretended I was in the office the whole day when in fact I took a half day leave for my birthday presents. I prepared our dinner and cleaned the room. Before having dinner he saw the box of cake which is okay because I already expected that since I don't have idea where else can I hide the cake except in the fridge! But unfortunately he saw the icing pipes that I left on top of the box! -_- When we're eating he mentioned them and I tried to deny but I realized he found out already. Cake surprise is partially failed. The only thing that's left for it is him wondering what design did I do on the cake.. Haha!

This morning I woke up, take out the cake from the fridge, lit the candle, and went back in our room to make him blow the candle after making his wish. But I forgot the electric fan is turned on so as I sat on the beeeed..! Oh well you know what happen when you placed a candle near the electric fan! So I have to get back to the kitchen to light it up again! Haha! He made his silent wish and blew it. We had a slice of cake for our breakfast.

The most wanted bag surprise!
yesterday I hid the bag at the bottom of my drawer in our closet. That's the safest location where he won't be able to see it. Then this morning I put it on top of his drawer so as soon as he open it to get his brief he can see it right away. I also started playing Happy Birthday songs so he can really feel that it's his special day today even if he is not with his family and friends. Well I guess my plan worked. After having breakfast I told him I'll wash the dishes and he went back to our room. After that he went out and asked me about the bag. This I'm sure really surprised him! Haha!

Oh,it was a tiring and fun preparation. Seeing how my presents made him happy makes me feel that I did great! Haha! What I did is just one of the few things that I do to make him feel loved and special. He deserve it. I can proudly say that I succeeded! Mission Accomplished!

Btw, the good thing about my Gyun Wo is that he's helping me decide what kind of gift he wants to have. He does that in a very cute way. I like it like that because at least I know what he really wants instead of assuming and buying something and he's happy but not so happy. Get what I mean? Hehe! I like that about him. Keep it up Gyun Wo. Haha!

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