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Major change about my blog! It's funny howI used to write a lot and share just about anything in my blog for the past year. Now even if I have so much to tell I can't blog about them because of me being busy and sometimes lazy. Oh well.. haha! Look at my archive section! See how the number of posts changed from more than 30 a month to 1-5??!!

I want to share a lot of things about my life for the year 2012... I just don't know how to start writing all of the thoughts that's in my head! Haha! Maybe I'll try to post my monthly review later. Every year when the month of December come I usually have this habit of reminiscing the events that happened in my life the past 11 months and share it in my blog. I'll try to do that again.. one of these days. I hope I can. I'll try to do it later and maybe when I'm done I'll post it asap. Haha!

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