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Gyun Wo's birthday!

12-12-12. Yes today is my Gyun Wo's birthday. Months before December 12 I've been wondering what will I do to surprise him and make him happy on his special day especially when there's just the two of us together here. Being miles away from our loved ones, I know he miss them so much.. even if he doesn't tell me, I can see the sadness in his eyes. He may not always tell me how he feels but I sometimes I just know.

So, here's what I did for his birthday! I'm gonna share what I planned months before his birthday and a day before today.

1) The Most Wanted Bag!
Months before December he's been very open about wanting so bad to have a sling/messenger bag with a well known brand having a good reputation for its quality and cute bags. We're always checking online what's the price, design, color, and the price. Haha! I once told him I'll get him one for his birthday or if not I'll buy him one this month. I made him think that I won't be able to buy one for his birthday but I was really planning to give him that bag today! So I went to Raffles Shopping Center to look for the store but I failed so I went to another mall which is the Vivo City. It took me minutes of walking around the Level 1 of the mall before I found the Crumpler store! When I arrived I asked the guy who assisted me about Hillman Hunter Crumpler bag and then I bought a red rust color of that bag and went to my next destination which is the Serangoon NEX Mall for cake decorating!

2) The Personalized/Customized Cake
My colleague once shared that she went to The Icing Room in Singapore to design a cake for his husband's birthday. From that day on I decided to check on that shop and see if I can do that for my Gyun Wo. I asked Google about it and found that there's a shop in NEX mall where I usually go when I'm on my way home because the Bus Interchange is there. I checked on sample cake icing designs that were posted in Google Images but I can't decide what exactly can I do. I'm not creative or good at drawings or designing. Haha! 

I've asked my friends on what can I possibly design that is easy to do. Someone told me to draw his fave anime character which is very difficult for me to do! I'm not good at drawing! haha! If only I'm as good as my mom then I'll definitely do that!

Everytime Gyun Wo's in a shower I always make sure to Google some cake design images where I can get some inspiration for my design. When I'm done with my Google search I make sure I always clean my browsing history before he even see it. Haha!

So, after doing a lot of image browsing, I decided to do it! I don't have a picture or design that I really want to do. I just decided to do it on the spot. Haha! After going to Vivo City Mall to buy the most wanted bag for my Gyun Wo, I went to The Icing Room in NEX mall. I saw girls decorating a cake but they're almost finish so I wasn't able to take a good look on what they're doing (planning to copy their design? nah.. haha!) Then I asked the cashier how much is the DIY cake with a size of 6 inches. She told me how much is it and that I need to pay first before getting my cake and decorating stuffs.. and so I did. After paying, I waited until she gave me the vanilla cake covered with white icing, 5 little icing pipes (red, yellow, dark brown, mint green, and pink.), and the flower icing decorations. Then I started decorating the cake.

As I started working on my little cute cake for my Gyun Wo, I noticed some people walking by the shop and some stopping for a while to look at what I'm doing! At first I was a bit shy because I'm the only one decorating! Then I realized, I'm doing this for my love so I just have to ignore them and concentrate on what I'm doing so I can finish it as soon as possible! Hahaha!

After minutes of decorating, finally I called the lady to assist me in putting the cake on the cute pink box they provide. She asked me if I'm going to takeaway (take out/take home) the rest of the icing that were not completely used and I said yes, so she packed them together with a candle and happy birthday thingy (don't know what to call it.. haha!) Then I went home!

...and the result of my effort to surprise and make him happy? Here's what happen yesterday and today (morning)

Cake surprise partially failed!
Yesterday when he went home, I pretended I was in the office the whole day when in fact I took a half day leave for my birthday presents. I prepared our dinner and cleaned the room. Before having dinner he saw the box of cake which is okay because I already expected that since I don't have idea where else can I hide the cake except in the fridge! But unfortunately he saw the icing pipes that I left on top of the box! -_- When we're eating he mentioned them and I tried to deny but I realized he found out already. Cake surprise is partially failed. The only thing that's left for it is him wondering what design did I do on the cake.. Haha!

This morning I woke up, take out the cake from the fridge, lit the candle, and went back in our room to make him blow the candle after making his wish. But I forgot the electric fan is turned on so as I sat on the beeeed..! Oh well you know what happen when you placed a candle near the electric fan! So I have to get back to the kitchen to light it up again! Haha! He made his silent wish and blew it. We had a slice of cake for our breakfast.

The most wanted bag surprise!
yesterday I hid the bag at the bottom of my drawer in our closet. That's the safest location where he won't be able to see it. Then this morning I put it on top of his drawer so as soon as he open it to get his brief he can see it right away. I also started playing Happy Birthday songs so he can really feel that it's his special day today even if he is not with his family and friends. Well I guess my plan worked. After having breakfast I told him I'll wash the dishes and he went back to our room. After that he went out and asked me about the bag. This I'm sure really surprised him! Haha!

Oh,it was a tiring and fun preparation. Seeing how my presents made him happy makes me feel that I did great! Haha! What I did is just one of the few things that I do to make him feel loved and special. He deserve it. I can proudly say that I succeeded! Mission Accomplished!

Btw, the good thing about my Gyun Wo is that he's helping me decide what kind of gift he wants to have. He does that in a very cute way. I like it like that because at least I know what he really wants instead of assuming and buying something and he's happy but not so happy. Get what I mean? Hehe! I like that about him. Keep it up Gyun Wo. Haha!

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