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I'm just a contract staff in the company where I currently work and because of that I'm not invited to different company events that they have such as Christmas party! Since my friends and I are not invited we decided to make our own party with our partners. I have Filipino friends at work namely Kat, Kaarlo, Glenn, Sheryl, Lorraine, Neil, and Grace. The last 3 persons mentioned were not able to attend the party because of certain reasons. As for us 5 (kat, kaarlo, sheryl, and glenn) we decided to play bowling in Marina Square last December 8. 

I introduced Gyun Wo to them and they did the same (introducing their partner). We arrived late at the mall so instead of starting playing by 4PM, we were able to start by 5 or 6PM I guess. Gyun Wo hit strikes for 3-4 times! I played good as well. I scored 53 and Gyun Wo's score is 100 plus! Haha! It's a battle between girls and boys and as expected we are the losing team (girls).

After bowling for an hour, we had our dinner in Olive Vine. Gyun Wo and I ordered pasta and a slice of cake for dessert. We talked and ate a lot about different stuffs. Then as agreed, after our dinner we started exchanging gifts in a very fun way!

Glenn told us about the 'White Elephant' Exchange Gift. Here, I'll try to explain it carefully and let's see if you can understand what I want to say haha! First, Kat prepared papers rolled with numbers on the inside and we have to get one for each person to know how's the sequence for the exchange gift. We were 9 persons. I got number 7. Gyun Wo got number 4. After that person who get to choose the gift first will start choosing. For number 1, if you chose a great gift then you are still on the game because once someone else stole the gift from you, you can still open new gifts or stole those that you haven't got yet. Unfortunately number 1 chose and opened a not so very fancy gift that any of us would like to get. So what now? That means he's not included in the 'stealing/opening new gifts' anymore because if nobody wants to steal the gift from him that means the gift is his already. In short, game over for him. haha!
When it's Gyun Wo's turn, he opened earphones with a good brand and he was happy about it but it was stolen by someone else. Since his gift was stolen, he needs to choose: steal other gift or open a new one. He chose to open a new one, the next gift he opened is a X-Mini speaker. Then someone else took it away from him again. Well, actually we talked about it, when it's my turn I will steal the X-mini from him or I will steal the earphones that was previously stolen. That's our plan, sounds good huh? haha! So for the third time, he chose to open a new gift instead of stealing. Then he got a coffee maker. 

Good thing that the X-mini v2 speaker that I stole from Gyun Wo, and the coffee maker he got were both not stolen by others. So we get to take them home! So happy! Haha! Ah, we bought back, eye, and head massager gifts for the white elephant exchange gift.

The gifts are chocolate fondue (number 1's choice), tumblers, earphones,  massager, coffee maker, and x-mini 2 speaker. It was a great day with our friends. Gyun Wo had so much fun as well. It's our monthsary and a mini Christmas party bonding with friends.

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