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How to make it last?

Years ago I'm wondering how do two people stay in love for such a along period of time.. Now that I'm with someone for over a year, I still ask that question to myself. 

I have friends whose been in a relationship for a long time. Some got married, some are planning to settle down, some are enjoying their time together as couple, and some are breaking up. 

I always wonder how do they stay together sor so long and then they get married which makes it even longer. When you're married that means you're gonna stay with your partner for the rest of your life..and most of the times it will be just between the two of you. You can't rely on other people especially your family anymore. It's your own life now.

I wonder why they break up after being in love for 5-9 years. Why do they decide to go on separate ways when they can find ways to be together again. I mean, they've been together that long how come just because problems or challenges starts to come, why do they give up? Why can't they do something to save it and start over again. 

I also wonder how to they treat each other when they've been loving each other for years. Is the spark still there. Are they still the same just like when they just got together, when the girl said yes. Do they still show how much they care for their partner. Are they still loving and sweet even if they always see each other?

I wonder what does men thinks of other women who are better than their partner? Are they wishing that their girl is like the one they're staring at or someone they knew. Why do some men break up with their girl just to be with someone new? Did boredom gets into their relationship? Or he wants something new? Someone new? Why do men realized a woman's worth when it's too late? Why do men let go easily when their girl wants to end the relationship? (Same thoughts goes for some women who easily give up and who left their partner for someone new)

How do other couple manage to be stronger and stay together despite that most difficult problems they are having? How do they manage to love their partner after cheating? How do they make the relationship last for so long?

These are just some of my thoughts in mind years ago and sometimes they still come especially when I'm seeing old couples holding hands, grandfather helping his wife (grandmother) walk down the stairs or escalator. I'm just so amazed and jealous everytime I see couples like them. At their age I can still see and feel how much they care and love each other.

I wonder if I'll end up like them. I want to. I'll try to. I'd love to. Haha! I hope we can do that too, right Gyun Wo? No matter how hard it is.. I hope someday our kids will ask me the same questions I'm asking myself.. 'How do you make it last?' Then I'll probably answer it in a simple way that they will understand.. 'Because we love each other so much that we can't let simple things to keep us apart'.

LOVE. Real Love. Unconditional Love. Maybe that's what makes it last. Maybe that's why after being together for such a long time, it's as if they're just a newly married couple even if they've been together for a decade or centuries. No matter how imperfect your partner is, you still love him/her, you still want to be with him/her, you can't imagine your life without that person in it, you stay because you love her so much that you can't imagine yourself loving anyone but her. Right? :D

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